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How do I check my bill at GoBills?

GoBills service allows you to pay your bills and buy certain digital vouchers in a simple way by using your GoPay credit only on Gojek app. Besides, you can also see the monthly bill amount you should pay through GoBills.

The steps are quite easy, please follow these steps below:

  1. Choose GoBills service in main menu
  1. Choose the service/product you want to pay
  1. Input your Customer ID, then click OK or Done button on your phone keyboard screen
  1. The amount of the bill you have to pay will appear on the screen. You don't need to click 'Pay' button if you only want to check your bill amount.
  2. Click 'Pay' button if you want to pay immediately and your GoPay balance is sufficient.

Easy, isn't it?


Why is my bill amount incorrect?

Please note that administration fees and fines might change anytime according to the Biller’s regulation.

If your bills amount in GoBills is different, please contact the Biller for further information.

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