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Transfer GoPay through GoChat feature

Now you can easily transfer GoPay balance through GoChat feature! No time to be wasted to enter phone numbers manually or to do QR scan anymore, yay!

Easy peasy!

Follow these steps to transfer GoPay balancethrough GoPay feature:

  1. Open GoJek app and click Chat
  1. Choose your friend’s phone number to transfer GoPay, you can also search for friend’s name through search bar

  1. Click (+)on the bottom left in chat page, and choose Pay

  1. Enter the transfer amount then click Confirm, and make sure your transfer amount is correct then click Pay


  1. Input your GoPay PIN, and yay! you have successfully transferred your GoPay balance to your friend. Make sure you have created the GoPay PIN. If you haven’t created the GoPay PIN, you can find out the steps here

Then, how do I know that the GoPay balance has been successfully transferred?

You can check the transfer detail by clicking the green button that appears in your chat widget, or click Inboxon GoPay page, or you can also click Historyon GoPay page.

There is a thing you need to know ...

All transactions that you made also messages that you sent by GoChat cannot be deleted on the chat page