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Request GoPay balance through GoChat feature

Tired of asking debts to friends who haven't paid the bills yet? Do not give up! Now you can use the chat feature to request GoPay balance to other Gojek users, both in person or group.

Here’s how to request GoPay balance through chat feature:

  1. Choose your friend’s phone number to requestGoPaybalance

  1. Click(+)on the bottom left in chat page, and choose Request

  1. Input the request amount then clickConfirm, make sure your request amount is correct then click Send Request

  1. Your GoPay balance request has been sent to your friend. You only need to wait until the request is paid by the recipient of the bill

The widget (request box) that you submit will not be lost and cannot be deleted in the chat page and will always appear even after the recipient of the bill pays the bill to you.

And these are the steps to transfer on GoPay balance requested:

  1. After receiving a request box from your friend, click Pay Now 

  1. You will see the amount you have to pay and click Confirm. Make sure your transfer amount is correct then click Pay

  1. Input your GoPay PIN, and yeay your GoPay balance have been successfully transferred to your friend

Is there a limit in requesting GoPay balance through chat feature?

There is no minimum or maximum limit in requesting GoPay balance. But keep in mind that there’s a limit to transfer GoPay balance. Thus, always make sure your or your friends’ GoPay balance will not exceed the specified limit.