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Log in with face ID/fingerprint

On Gojek version 4.3 or above, logging in to Gojek account is easier and more secure using Face ID/Fingerprint feature*. *This feature is only available if your device supports Face ID/Fingerprint authentication. 

Please make sure that Face ID/Fingerprint authentication is activated on your device before using this feature to log in to the Gojek app. 

How to enable Face ID/Fingerprint to log in

  1. Enable Face ID/Fingerprint while log in using phone number After you have successfully logged in using the OTP or the link, simply click ‘Smart Login’ to enable Face ID/Fingerprint for login
  2. Enable Face ID/Fingerprint from ‘My Profile’ page Click the button on the ‘Smart Login’ menu to enable it. From the ‘Smart Login’ menu, you also can disable the Face ID/Fingerprint for login.

How to log in using Face ID/Fingerprint

  • Choose the profile that you want to log in as

  • Position your camera such that it captures your face or scan your finger on the fingerprint sensor

The maximum attempts for Face ID /fingerprint recognition is three times for Androidandtwice for iOS. If you fail to login after all the attempts, you will be required to enter your phone passcode to login.

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