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How do I create a group chat?

To facilitate you communicating and making a transaction within a group, in GoChat feature you are able to create a group chat by following these steps: 

  1. Open Gojek app and click Chatin GoChat feature. Click (+) on the right corner

  1. Choose Create Groupand invite your friends to join the group, and click Next. Don't forget to give name of your group chat then press Create

  1. Done! You can easily communicate to stay in touch with them or make transactions with all members 

There is a thing you need to know ...

The maximum limit of a group member is 51 people, including 1 (one) person who is an admin of the group (group creator). And just because we don't want to hold you back, if you feel disturbed by the group, you can leave the group chat, but for now, all of the chat in that group cannot be deleted.