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How to see who else login to my Gojek account

To protect your account privacy, Gojek has a new feature: Logged In Devices. In this feature, you can see all of devices that are connected to your Gojek account that are actively used. This feature is available in Gojek version 3.27 and above. 

You can go to Logged In Devices feature in two ways: 

1. GoPay Settings 

You can see Logged In Devices in GoPay Settings page, here's how: 

  • In GoPay menu, click 'More' 
  • Choose 'Settings' 
  • Choose 'Logged In Devices' 


2. 'My Account' Page 

Another way to access Logged In Devices is through 'My Account' page. 

What happens if an unknown device is logged in to my Gojek account?
Don’t worry, you can report it to us by clicking ‘Need help?’ or ‘Call CS’ button on the page like the picture below. 

Please always remember to protect your account and OTP code and do not share it to anyone. Sharing your account and OTP code to other people is against GoPay Terms and Conditions and could cause a serious safety concern to yourself such as scam.