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Terms and Conditions


The following are the applicable terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) for the utilisation of area and facilities available in the GoFood Festival (“GFF”).

    1. Each GFF area has the following facilities:
      1. Stage and stage area with the following conditions:
        1. The stage cannot be used on Saturdays after 18:00 and Sundays at 16:00 – 19:00; and
        2. If needed, the stage can be used for other needs outside the needs of the Community (as defined below) in accordance with FKAB’s requirements.
      2. Dining area

        Hereinafter referred to as “Facilities”.

    2. The Facilities in the GFF location can be used for the interests of the community, groups, or a group of individuals (“Community”) for activities such as gathering, workshop, social gathering (arisan), shows, or sport activities (“Activity orActivities”) free of charge.
    3. FKAB has the right to determine and make changes at any time on the use or designation of each Facilities, equipment and/or tools owned by FKAB in the GFF area before or during the Activities.
    4. To make a reservation for the Facilities, the Community must complete the form at [bit.ly/GFFforCommunity] and explain in detail in relation with:
      1. The Activity to be carried out including but not limited to the equipment and/or tools that will be brought by and/or used by the Community during the Activity; and
      2. Equipment and/or tools that can be prepared by PT Festival Kuliner Anak Bangsa (“FKAB”) at the GFF area.
    5. The minimum number of participants in a Community to make reservations over GFF Facilities is 20 (twenty) people.
    6. Only reservations that have been confirmed by FKAB will be permitted to hold Activities in the GFF area. Confirmation of the execution of the Activities will be delivered by FKAB via email, including confirmation of the equipment and/or tools and Facilities that can be provided by FKAB for the purposes of the Activities.
    7. Reservations must be made by the Community no later than 10 (ten) working day prior to the implementation of the Activity.

    1. The Activities as organized by the Community in the GFF area must comply with the following provisions:
      1. In accordance with the norms of politeness and decency;
      2. Does not contain any political and SARA (ethnicity, religions, race, class) messages;
      3. Does not contain commercial messages such as any sales and/or bringing any products without prior approval by FKAB;
      4. Pets are not permitted in the GFF area;
      5. Does not involve competitors of FKAB and/or its affiliates.
    2. Community must obtain prior approval from FKAB for all equipment and/or tools to be used or brought for the Activities. The equipment and/or tools which cannot be prepared by FKAB, as will be confirmed via email, must be prepared by the Community.
    3. Community must prepare its own security officers if the number of participants exceeds 100 (one hundred) people.
    4. If the Activity organized by the Community imposes an entry/registration fee for the participants attending the Activities, through consultations and approval by FKAB in advance, such entry or registration fee must already include certain value intended for the participants to do transactions in GFF for each Community participants.
    5. Community is obliged to maintain and supervise each other's goods. FKAB is not responsible for losses and/or damages to equipment or goods carried by the Community during the Activity. f. Community is prohibited from bringing food and drinks from outside the GFF area. During the Activities, the Community is encouraged to consume food and drinks sold in the GFF area.
    6. Community is obliged to protect and maintain all kinds of property belonging to FKAB ("Property").
    7. Community must arrange all the permits needed to carry out the Activities, including but not limited to crowd permit (izin keramaian) from the local police if the number of participants is 200 (two hundred) people or more in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. i. Every transaction made at GFF must use GoPay as a means of payment. Community may top up the GoPay balance in the GFF area by using cash.

    1. Community must include the name, brand or logo owned by FKAB on the promotional materials or communication of Activities published inside or outside the GFF area with prior approval from FKAB.
    2. The promotional materials must be consulted and obtain prior approval from FKAB before being published (via print media or published on social media).
    3. Promotional materials and/or documentation from the Activities published on social media must include the #GoFoodFestival hashtag and tagged to @gofoodindonesia.
    4. Community guarantees that Community will only use the name, brand or logo owned by FKAB for the purpose of promotion and/or communication on the Activities that have been approved by FKAB.
    5. Community will not use the name, brand or logo owned by FKAB for other purposes, unless the Community has sought and obtained written approval from FKAB.
    6. These Terms and Conditions will not be considered as a assignment or transfer of any name, brand or logo owned by FKAB to the Community and/or other parties.

    1. Any changes or cancellation of Activities by the Community must be made by no later than 10 (ten) business days prior to the implementation date of the Activities.
    2. FKAB has the right to make changes or cancellations of Activities at any time and for any reasons by giving notice to the Community.

    1. If the Community damages and/or removes the Property owned by FKAB, the Community is obliged to do reimbursements with the amount and the procedures that shall be further determined by FKAB.
    2. If the Community violates Point 3 of the Terms and Conditions, the Community is obliged to make improvements to the promotional materials in accordance with the terms set by FKAB. The Community is obliged to delete or destroy promotional materials that has been previously published and to republish it either in print or in social media in accordance with promotional materials that have been approved by FKAB.
    3. If the Community violates Point 4.a of the Terms and Conditions, FKAB has the right not to prioritize the reservation by the Community in any upcoming Activity plans.
    4. If the Community violates these Terms and Conditions and other conditions set by FKAB, FKAB has the right to do the following:
      1. Give warnings;
      2. Temporarily or permanently stop the Activities by the Community;
      3. Imposing sanctions in the form of blacklist; and/or iv. Do any legal settlements, civil and/or criminal, including for the violations committed by the Community in relation with Point 3 of the Terms and Conditions.


    The Community agrees to indemnify and release FKAB, its officers, directors, employees and agents and affiliates, from and against any direct claims, actions or suits, including but not limited to reasonable legal and accounting costs, arising out of or resulting from violations committed by the Community over these Terms and Conditions.

    1. These Terms and Conditions are regulated by and made in accordance with the laws and provisions of the Republic of Indonesia. By making reservations for Activities at GFF, the Community hereby declares to be fully subject to the Terms and Conditions and all Standard Operating Procedures determined by FKAB.
    2. If a dispute arises in connection with the interpretation and implementation of these Terms and Conditions, the Community and FKAB ("the Parties") agree to settle such dispute amicably to reach consensus within 30 (thirty) days after one of the Parties submits notice concerning the dispute.
    3. If within 30 (thirty) days after the peaceful settlement as referred to in letter (b) above fails, the Parties agree to settle the final dispute through the Arbitration held by the Indonesian National Arbitration Board (BANI) in accordance with the provisions of the Agency Indonesian National Arbitration (BANI) in force.