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Our Software Engineering Academy Is Now Open. In Collaboration with COMPFEST XI

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Who we are
GO-ACADEMY is a talent incubator that produces world class tech talents in Indonesia's Tech Industry

Our mission
By producing more world class tech talents, we can unleash Indonesia's greatest potential

Our approach
We have various programs curated for you. Find out which one suits you best!



Two-day program to expose future engineers & data scientists to the rapid growth of tech industry.

An exclusive experience to upscale your knowledge about Clean Code & Data Science practices in GOJEK. Get first-hand exposure from our engineers & data scientists. Opportunities are limited, only for 20 grittiest students/young professionals across Indonesia.

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12-week internship program for students with tech backgrounds

We start with a 1-week boot camp about industry best practices followed by 11 weeks of working on exciting, impactful, and complex tech projects using Elasticsearch, Kubernetes, Docker, LXD, Golang, Ruby, Kafka, etc. while being closely mentored by our senior leaders. Check out our timeline here!

Full-Stack Engineer
Data Science Engineer
Business Intelligence

Engineering Bootcamp

3-month intensive program to equip aspiring product engineers with skills to manage scalable problems.

The Bootcamp covers a well-rounded knowledge on becoming a future product engineer. We begin with 1-month discipline exercise on Core Engineering module, followed by DevOps, Android, iOS, Security, Design, and Data Science.

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Collab for Student Community

1-year collaboration with Tech Student Communities to accelerate student development on practical skills.

GOJEK as an Official Learning Partner, working together with student communities to provide a series of learning initiatives from Online Learning sessions, Student Academy, and Open Source projects.


Learning Videos

A practical learning videos delivered by GOJEK's brightest minds

Series of online learning accesible to everyone covering SOLID principles, Clean Code, Test-Driven Development, and Product Management to help students and young professionals grow.

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Tech Campus Engagement

Customized hands-on workshops in partnership with universities to get tech students up to date with current industry practices.

In our previous programs, we've drilled down on Test-Driven Development, Design Pattern, Microservices, CI/CD, DevOps, Agile, and many other things!

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Insightful talks by GOJEK engineers in collaboration with tech communities and companies to share relevant practices

Previously we collaborated with JVM User Group, ID Ruby, GoJakarta, Jakarta JS, UXID, Google, Amazon, and many more. Find out more about our next GO-TALK!

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Tech Blogs

Stories from our engineers about GO-JEK's work, culture & practices

Find out more about how we manage 1 million drivers with 12 engineers, build resilience in large scale distributed systems, and handle microservices at scale!

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