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Anda Punya Pertanyaan?


Where can I see my points and token?

In the latest version of Gojek app, you can still see your GoPoints points or token by clicking GoPoints menu on your Gojek app.

To see all GoPoints points that you have, you can click GoPoints and see all points that you’ve collected.

To see all tokens that you have, you can click GoPoints and see all tokens that you’ve earned in ‘Play Now’.

You will see the number of tokens that you’ve earned in the trophy icon and see the information about what services the token you’ve earned from.

In the latest version of Gojek app, the points that you've already collected have an expiration period of 6 (six) months in each year. You don't need to be worry as you still have plenty of time to collect the points but don’t forget to exchange your points with various vouchers that are available on GoDeals! For more information, click here.

Why can’t I swipe or use my token on GoPoints?

Relax :) the first thing you can do is to make sure you find all of your tokens in 'Play Now' feature on GoPoints


Before swiping the token, make sure that you have tokens to be played. 
*You will see the number of tokens that you can swipe in the trophy icon and see the information about from what services the token you earned

If you can't swipe the token, please log out your Gojek app and try again later.

Have done the steps above but are still unsuccessful?  Hmm let’s try another steps below:

Android Users:

Step one:
Activate "Developer Options" in the "Settings" menu of your device. If you don't find this option, you can do these instructions below:

  1. Go to 'Setting' on your device
  2. Select 'About phone'
  3. Press the 'Build number' menu 7 – 10 times until you get the description that "Developer Options" have been active

Step two:
After "Developer Options" active, you only need to follow the next steps :

  1. Enter 'Developer options' menu
  2. On the 'Window animation scale' menu, select 'Animation scale 1x'
  3. On the 'Transition animation scale' menu, select 'Animation scale 1x'
  4. On the 'Animator duration scale' menu, select 'Animation scale 1x'

Yay all done! Now you can restart the device and try again.

For iOS Users:
iOS device users are advised to update the Gojek application to the latest version. After that, restart the device and try again.


Where can I find my voucher?

You can find all of your vouchers that you have such as vouchers that you buy with GoPay, GoPoints points, or other vouchers in 3 (three) steps: on the top right corner of Gojek homepage, GoDeals or in the My Account page.

Let’s follow these steps to see where your vouchers are:


  1. Open Gojek app
  2. You will find 'My Vouchers' page on the top right corner of your Gojek homepage


  1. Choose 'GoDeals' in main menu

  1. Choose 'My Voucher' on GoDeals by clicking the coupon logo on the top right of the page to find all of your redeemed or purchased voucher(s)



You can see the voucher in ‘My Voucher' in the ‘My Account’ page.

Always check terms, conditions, and voucher’s validity period. When the voucher is expired, it will disappear from this page.

What is GoPoints?

GoPoints is a loyalty program for customers who use GoPay as the payment method for Goride, GoCar, GoFood, GoSend, GoShop, GoPulsa, GoBills, GoTix, GoBox, GoMassage, and for payment at stores that listed as GoPay merchant.

Also for customers who use cash as the payment method for GoRide, GoCar, GoBluebird, GoFood, GoSend, GoShop, and GoBox services will get a token as well.

Customers will get token to play game and earn points on GoPoints which be exchanged for various vouchers.

What if I want to exchange my points into a voucher?

So easy. You can see the steps here.

Why did I lose some of my points in GoPoints?

If you think that your GoPoints’ points are decreasing, you can relax because maybe it’s just your expiring points.

Yes, now your points have an expiration date! Every 6 months, the points you’ve earned will be expired. So, you can optimize the usage of your GoPoints by exchanging your points with various of GoDeals exciting rewards.

Can you explain it more to me about this?
In each year, what will happen to your points are:

  • Points you’ve earned in 1st January - 30th June will expire on 31st December, and
  • Points you’ve earned in 1st July - 31st December will expire on 30th June in the following year.

Hope this clears all of your confusion :)

What services will I get a token from?

You will receive a token each time you use GoPay and Cash as payment method. These are Gojek services that will get tokens by using GoPay as payment method:

  1. GoRide
  2. GoCar
  3. GoBluebird
  4. GoFood
  5. GoSend
  6. GoShop
  7. GoPulsa
  8. GoBills
  9. GoTix
  10. GoBox
  11. GoMassage
  12. GoDeals

You can also get a token every time you use GoPay as payment method when purchasing at stores that listed as GoPay merchant (online and offline). 

These are Gojek services that will get tokens by using Cash as payment method:

  1. GoRide
  2. GoCar
  3. GoBluebird
  4. GoFood
  5. GoSend
  6. GoShop
  7. GoBox

Terms and Conditions:

  • 1 (one) token can be use to play one 1 (one) round of game
  • The game allows you to earn points, which can be exchanged for rewards
  • Exchange your points with amazing rewards in GoPoints catalog
  • Maximum token that you can earn is 10 (ten) tokens/day (except for GoPulsa, GoBills, and payment at stores that listed as GoPay merchant) 
  • Maximum token for GoPulsa and GoBills is 1 (one) token/day
  • Maximum token that you can get from paying at stores that listed as GoPay merchant is 5 (five) tokens for each store type (online and offline) per day.

How do I earn points on GoPoints?

In the latest version of Gojek app, you still can see your GoPoints points by clicking the GoPoints menu on your Gojek home page.

Now, now… Already collected a lot of tokens but still confused how to get points from GoPoints? Easy peasy! Let’s follow these steps: 

  1. Open the Gojek app and choose GoPoints in Gojek services

  1. Select 'Play Token'

  1. Play your token by swiping the icon

  1. You will get points that can be redeemed with the catalog on GoPoints


Can I play the tokens at once?

Of course, you can! Yayness! Let our system play the tokens for you, and all you have to do is just sit back and relax. That’s awesome! How to do it? 

  1. On the GoPoints service, select 'Play Token'

  1. Click 'Play Tokens for Me'* button

  1. You can choose the number of tokens you want to play at once by sliding the button, then click 'Play Now' button

  1. Next, you will see the total points from token we just played. Select 'See Recap' to see the details of the points that you just got or select 'Browse Voucher' to redeem your points to various vouchers that you can enjoy or click here for more information

(Points recap)

*The 'Play Tokens for Me' feature can only be used if you have at least 5 (five) tokens that have not been played

How do I exchange my points into voucher?

Another benefit of using Gojek is you can get various vouchers by redeeming your points. It's as easy as ABC, just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Gojek app and choose GoPoints in Gojek services or you can directly choose GoDeals (see step number four)

  1. If you are in GoPoints page, click ‘Browse Voucher’ and you will be directed to GoDeals page to continue purchase voucher(s)

  1. Browse the voucher(s) based on category on GoDeals homepage

  1. Click on your own desired voucher. You can only purchase GoPoints vouchers using your points only if the voucher has label 'Buy with GoPoints’. Don’t forget to make sure that you have enough points to purchase 
    *On that page, you can also see voucher(s) that can be purchased with GoPay, please scroll up to see voucher(s) that can be exchanged using points

  1. You can see your voucher validation period, terms, and conditions by clicking on the voucher 

  1. Click 'Buy Voucher' to purchase your voucher(s)

  1. Vouchers that have been bought will be available in 'My Voucher’ on GoDeals page

  1. Click ‘Use’ if you want to use your purchased voucher(s)

*You can also see all vouchers that have been purchased on the top right corner of Gojek homepage, and on the 'My Account' page. 

General terms and conditions:

  1. Make sure you’ve chosen the voucher with label ‘Buy with GoPoints’ if you want to exchange using your GoPoints point
  2. Points that you have collected are valid for 6 (six) months each year. But don't you worry! You can still redeem the points that you have collected for a maximum of 6 (six) months into a voucher, as long as the voucher is still available.
    For more info about the validity period of points click here
  3. There is no maximum time limit for collecting points. You can still redeem your points whenever the voucher you want is available
  4. All vouchers are available as an e-voucher
  5. All voucher you’ve bought can be found in ‘My Voucher’ page on GoDeals, including its details
  6. Voucher period can be found in each voucher’s details
  7. How-to-use, terms, and conditions of vouchers are various, you can see it on each voucher
  8. The availability of vouchers is limited. If you do not find the voucher, then the voucher is not available or expired. 

How do I use my voucher that I purchased?

Please kindly read the terms and conditions of the voucher before you use or redeem it. It’s because each voucher has different terms, conditions, and how-to-use.

Already knew its terms and conditions of the voucher? Want to redeem or use it now? Be cool, just follow these steps: 

  • Please read the terms and conditions, also the expiry date for your voucher
  • Click 'USE' button 
  • If you have Gojek services voucher, you will be automatically directed to Gojek service page
  • If you have voucher from other merchants, please re-read the terms and condition to know how to redeem it
  • Remember that you will not be able to refund the voucher you've purchased

Please note, that those steps above are general information of how to use the voucher, So, please re-check the terms, conditions, and how-to-use of each voucher before using it.

Anyway, here are the steps if your voucher is already applied, but you want to change the voucher.

First of all, here’s the order page when your voucher can be used:

You can see the terms and conditions of the voucher by clicking the “Change” button, then choose “View Details”

Click “Terms and Conditions” to see the terms and conditions of voucher

Click “Back” button on your phone to go back to your order page.

Your purchased voucher can’t be used? Click HERE for the solution.

Terms & conditions of use of GoPoints feature



This Terms & Conditions of use of GO-POINTS is incorporated as part of our Terms of Use of Application. Your use of GO-POINTS feature is subject to the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and this Terms & Conditions and indicates your consent to them.

1. Definitions

  • "We", "us" and "our" means PT Dompet Anak Bangsa;
  • “Application” means the software application operating under the brand name of ‘GOJEK’ that is owned by PT Aplikasi Karya Anak Bangsa that serves as a means to facilitate services provided by third parties to consumers;
  • “GO-PAY” means a method of payment accessible through the Application or through any other platform as determined and made available by us;
  • “GO-POINTS” means the consumer loyalty program for the users of GO-PAY which allows Users to collect points from transactions done through GO-PAY that all terms and conditions set out in the Policy;
  • “Policy” means the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, this Terms and Conditions and any other terms and conditions that may apply for or in relation to the use of the Application and all features found therein;
  • “Terms and Conditions” means this Terms and Conditions for the use of GO-POINTS; and
  • “User” means any user of the Application that uses GO-PAY as payment method.

2. Use of GO-POINTS

2.1. General Terms

A. Subject to the limitations set out in this Terms and Conditions, each transaction in the Application using GO-PAY will entitle the User to receive one token, or multiple tokens during promotion periods which will be determined in our own sole discretion.

The issuance of the Token is subject to the following conditions:

  1. One User will only be entitled to ten token per day irrespective of the number of transactions completed in the Application using GO-PAY; and
  2. User that transacts on the GO-PULSA feature of the Application will only be entitled to one token per day irrespective of the number of transactions completed through the GO-PULSA feature.

For the purpose of this clause, a day is calculated from 00:01 up to 24:00 in the same day.

B. User can use the token that have been issued to them to play a game made available in the GO-POINTS feature of the Application to collect Points.
C. Points that have been accumulated by a User can be exchanged with rewards displayed in the GO-POINTS catalogue which are accessible through GO-POINTS feature of the Application. The exchange of Points is subject to the terms set out in section 2.2 below.
D. Points are non-transferable and only valid to be used by the User to whose account the points were issued to.

2.2. Exchanging the Points with Rewards

  1. User can buy or redeem vouchers for rewards displayed in GO-POINTS catalogue in exchange of the points a User have earned.
  2. The specific terms and conditions for the redemption of a voucher may differ between different rewards, including but not limited to the amount of points required to redeem the voucher. The specific terms and conditions will be specified in the GO-POINTS catalogue. Before redeeming a voucher, User should read the specific terms and conditions applicable for the relevant voucher.
  3. Vouchers that have been redeemed by User will be stored in “My Voucher” page in the Application. To use the vouchers to redeem the rewards, User can click the “Get Voucher Code” button and such User will receive a voucher code which will be valid for 24 hours after the User clicks the “Get Voucher Code” button. Voucher codes that are not used within the specified 24 hours period will automatically expire and will no longer be able to be used.
  4. Once redeemed, a voucher code may be used by the User in accordance with the specific terms and conditions applicable for the relevant voucher code.
  5. Any unused or expired voucher codes and rewards cannot be refunded.
  6. User is prohibited to sell, transfer or otherwise or monetize any tokens or points.

2.3. Users’ Eligibility

  1. User is eligible to enjoy the rewards provided by GO-POINTS if such User obtains the tokens, points, vouchers or voucher code in accordance with any applicable terms and conditions in the Policy.
  2. User agrees that we can, based on our sole discretion, invalidate the token(s), point(s), voucher(s) or voucher code(s) that were obtained by a User in violation of the Policy.
  3. The redemption of certain vouchers may be subject to specific users’ eligibility which will be stated in the specific terms and conditions applicable for the relevant voucher code. Before redeeming a voucher, User should read the specific terms and conditions applicable for the relevant voucher.

 3. Miscellaneous

  1. The User agrees, upon our request from time to time, to provide and/or confirm any information required by us in relation to the User’s data or account.
  2. The User hereby agrees that we may amend this Terms and Conditions from time to time, where all amendments to the Terms and Conditions, which may cover additional provisions and change to any existing provision, will be effective by notification to the User or other media that are easily accessed by the User such as electronic media (including but not limited to the Application). The User agrees that the User’s continuing access or use of GO-POINTS after the date of notification on the amendment to the Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted in the way that the User has agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions, as may be amended or supplemented.
  3. For the matters that are not specifically regulated in this Terms and Conditions, the User declares to be subject to every provision and operational procedure that are applied by us as set out in the Policy, either at the time being or as may be amended from time to time.

4. Complaints

  1. Any complaint relating to the use of the redeemed vouchers and/or goods may be delivered to the relevant merchant and/or store of such vouchers and/or goods as stipulated in each specific terms and conditions applicable for such vouchers and/or goods.
  2. Other User questions and complaints in relation to the GO-POINTS service may be delivered in writing by sending an email to or call (021) 5025-1110.
  3. We will verify the User's data with the basis of the data provided to us by the User at the time of the User’s registration to the Application. We are entitled to refuse to process a question and complaint submitted by a User if the data verified by the User does not conform to the data stored in our system.
  4. We will check or verify a User's complaint as well as respond to the User in accordance with the policies and procedures applicable at our company after receiving a completed submission of a complaint from the User.


By agreeing to this Terms and Condition, the User represents that we provided an adequate explanation regarding GO-POINTS which will be utilized by the User and the User acknowledges and understands that any consequence of using the service of GO-POINTS, including the benefits, risk, and any cost related to the service of GO-POINTS.

The User hereby represents that the User has read and understood this Terms and Conditions as a whole and has approved the content of this Terms and Conditions. The User hereby gives an electronic agreement consciously and voluntarily without any oppression by any party on this Terms and Conditions and has acknowledged that this Terms and Conditions shall be binding to the User and the User has the obligation to both perform and comply with every conditions in this Terms and Conditions upon the use of GO-POINTS.