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Anda Punya Pertanyaan?


I want to order a car

In GO-CAR, you can't choose the type of car you want to ride, and you might also get a Blue Bird taxi. You will get a pop-up notification when you get a Blue Bird taxi for your ride.

Please keep in mind that for GO-CAR and Blue Bird taxi, the number of passengers is limited to only 4 (four) people. Before making an order, make sure you are ready and at the pickup location as the driver will immediately come to the pickup location after receiving your order. In GOJEK app, you can easily communicate with your driver by using chat feature.

But if you plan to ride GO-CAR together with your friends for more than 4 people, you can use GO-CAR L. For more information about GO-CAR L services, you can check here.

  1. Choose GO-CAR in main menu

  1. You can set your drop-off location by:
  • Choosing the suggested location

  • Typing on the search bar or selecting the location via map and moving the pin around

  1. You can confirm your destination location by clicking the ‘Confirm Destination’ button. After that, you can choose your pick-up location. Just click on the pick-up location, then choose your pick-up location.

  1. If you choose public places like mall, airport, or office building as your pick-up location, you can pick one of the suggested pick-up points as the picture below

  1. You can also help our Driver to easily find you by adding a note that will be shown after you choose your pick-up location
  2. Select your preferred payment method (GO-PAY or cash). If you have an active GO-CAR voucher, your fare will automatically be deducted according to your voucher value

  1. Select 'Order GO-CAR' to make a reservation

  1. If you couldn’t find the nearest Driver from your pick-up location, a notification will appear and you can retry to find Driver by click ‘Retry Order’

  1. When you get a Driver, you can see their location and contact them through call or in-app chat

  1. If you want to cancel your order, click the ‘Cancel Order’ button and click ‘Yes’ on the verification message

Hey, we got you something new!

In GO-CAR, we have new feature called Safe Trip Kit that you can use for security during your trip. Find out the information here.

And if you have arrived at your destination…

Don’t forget to rate your kind-hearted driver. You will also have your GO-CAR receipt sent to your email at the end of the trip. Make sure that your email address is already verified. To verify your email, please go to 'My Account'. 

The latest version of GOJEK app, allow you to change your destination with ‘Edit Destination’ feature as long as your order is still ongoing. Click here for more information.

Can I order GO-CAR for my friend in different location?

Of course you can! Click here to see how.

I want to order a transportation for my friend in a different location

When your friends ask for help to order a transportation from GOJEK, you can help them order GOJEK transportation services using your account. Please follow the steps below:

Let’s say you want to order GO-RIDE for your friend,

  1. Search the destination location in the search bar by typing the name of the Street followed by the name of the City / Regency or the name of the Place followed by the name of the City / Regency


  1. Search the pickup location in the search bar by typing the name of the Street or the name of the Place followed by the City / District, you need to add a note of the name and telephone number of the friend or person who are going to be picked up by the Driver. Then select 'Set Pickup'


  1. Make sure the address of destination and pickup location is correct, choose your preferred payment method (GO-PAY or cash), and then select ‘Order GO-RIDE

If your friend have arrived at the destination...

It's time for you to rate your Driver based on your friend feedback! See the steps here. You need the receipt? Just relax, we will automatically send the receipt to your verified email. If you think your email hasn't been verified, go to 'My Account' page.

Safe Trip Kit feature for GO-CAR Service

We really understand that your safety and convenience are our priorities. Therefore, GOJEK presents you a new feature namely Safe Trip Kit*.

You can find this feature when you are on a trip with GO-CAR service and making an order using the latest version of GOJEK application.

This Safe Trip Kit feature has three menus as below:

  1. The Safety Handbook
    Through this menu, you can see the various efforts and features that we have provided to make you always feel safe when using GO-CAR service.
  2. Share Trip
    We know that sharing is caring, that’s why by using this menu you can share your trip to your closest person with ease and real-time. This menu allows your closest person to see these:
    • Your pick up and destination location
    • Detailed information about the driver (Driver’s name, vehicle plate number, rating, and order number)
    • Your order status
    • The route taken by the driver when processing the order
  3. Call Emergency
    You can use this menu to notify us when you are in an uncomfortable or emergency situation immediately.


How do I use this feature?

It’s easy, just like Thanos snaps his fingers :)

You only need to click the icon on the detail order page and select the menu you need.


How do I get fare estimate for my trip?

Do you want to check estimated trip fare from home to the office with GO-RIDE? Or do you want to know the estimated trip fare from the station to the nearest mall using GO-CAR? You can check estimated fare for your trip by following these steps:

  1. Choose the GOJEK service in main menu


  1. Enter your destination location and confirm it by clicking the ‘Confirm Destination’ button


(sample on GO-RIDE service)


  1. Then, choose the payment method using cash or GO-PAY. Please keep in mind, different payment methods will affect the cost of your trip. If you have an active voucher according to the chosen service, then the trip cost that will appear in the application are automatically deducted according to the voucher value


(sample on GO-RIDE service)


  1. You will see the estimated fare of your trip in the app. Since you only want to check the estimated trip fare, then you don't need to press the ‘Order’ button


(sample on GO-RIDE service)


Please keep in mind that when you order GO-BLUEBIRD, the fare shown on your GOJEK app is only an estimation and the actual fare you have to pay is the one on the taxi meter.

I left my item

Keeping personal belongings while using GO-CAR is a must to avoid them being left or lost. But, if you happen to left your belongings while using GO-CAR, it is fully your responsibility.

The items that are left in the vehicles of our Drivers, that were reported and submitted to us by our Drivers, can be claimed by the respective customers within 90 (ninety) calendar days since the said order was made.

If the respective customers don’t claim their item(s) within the above timeline, then it is a firm declaration from the customers that the entire title rights of the item(s) was transferred and handed-over to us. Thus, we have the full rights to take any action on the said item(s).

GO-CAR L Services

Bring your family together in one trip with GO-CAR L!

GO-CAR L is a GO-CAR service with a capacity of up to maximum 6 (six) passenger seats with maximum distance of 100 km. You can bring all your friends and family together in one trip.

Now you can enjoy GO-CAR L service in 14 (fourteen) cities in Indonesia. Click here to see the cities for more information. 

To order GO-CAR L services, you can just simply order GO-CAR as usual. After you fill in the pick up address and destination location, you can choose the GO-CAR L service by clicking the 3 black dots in the right corner on the order page.

(GO-CAR L order page)

To enjoy GO-CAR L service, make sure GOJEK app that you have is in the latest version.

How do i edit my destination?

Are you on your way with GO-CAR driver and want to change destination location due to wrongfully entered the address? Or, your friend suddenly changes a plan? Worry not! Use 'Edit Destination' feature!

Now GO-CAR* has a new feature that makes you easier to edit your destination location while using GO-CAR. 

Here are the steps:

  1. On the way using GO-CAR, open the 'Ongoing Orders', then click on your current order
  2. Select ‘Edit’

  1. Type the new destination location that you want to go**

  1. Your trip fare will automatically change according to the new destination. Make sure you have enough cash or GO-PAY*** credit, because if the change is closer, the fare remains in accordance with the original destination. If you change the distance further, the fare can go up, and you can't change the payment method while on trip.

    But not to worry. If you use GO-PAY, you can top up your GO-PAY credit first before changing destination by clicking the 'Top Up' button

  2. Have you checked your new destination? If it's correct, click 'Confirm'

  1. Finish! Your destination has been changed!


Can I use the 'Edit Destination' feature for many times in one trip?

Sorry, you can't. You can only use the ‘Edit Destination’ feature once in one trip while using GO-CAR.


*The 'Edit Destination' feature can only be used for GO-CAR services and does not apply when you get a Blue Bird taxi
**The 'Edit Destination' feature does not apply to payments using vouchers
***You can edit the destination with a maximum distance of 100 km

I want to give rating and tip to Driver

Had a pleasant trip with our driver? Or, did our driver still deliver your food even though it was raining?
Aside from saying thanks, you can show your appreciation by giving rating and tip to our driver after they completed the order.

“OMG I forgot to give rating and tip to driver”

Easy peasy, simply follow these steps:

  1. After each completed order, you will see driver’s rating page that you have to fill
  2. If you forgot to give rating to the driver, you can still do it by clicking 'Orders' section in Gojek app homepage, click 'History' icon at the top right corner of the page, and choose the order that you want to give rating


  1. Give star(s) to the driver to rate their service
    • 5 Stars: Awesome
    • 4 Stars: Good
    • 3 Stars: OK
    • 2 Stars: Bad
    • 1 Star: Very Bad

  1. After giving a star, you will see a number of reasons you can choose. You can also tip the driver. The nominal tip that can be given depends on the GoPay balance you have

  1. Next, give additional comment about the driver in comment box if needed
  2. Click 'Done'

Please remember...

  1. The rating and tip that you have submitted cannot be revised. 
  2. If you forgot to tip your driver and you already submitted your rating, you cannot tip them. 
  3. Please make sure you gave the proper rating and tip based on your trip experience before you submit it.
  4. You can only tip driver if you make a payment using GoPay and you have enough GoPay balance to do so

In which cities can I order a car?

You can order a car using GO-CAR in these cities:

GO-CAR Regular & GO-CAR L:

  1. Jabodetabek 
  2. Bandung 
  3. Bali (including Gianyar and Tabanan) 
  4. Surabaya (including Gresik and Sidoarjo)
  5. Makassar 
  6. Medan 
  7. Yogyakarta 
  8. Semarang (including Ungaran and Salatiga) 
  9. Manado 
  10. Malang 
  11. Pekanbaru 
  12. Bandar Lampung 
  13. Padang 
  14. Solo 

GO-CAR Regular Only

  1. Serang
  2. Cirebon
  3. Pematangsiantar
  4. Tasikmalaya
  5. Purwokerto
  6. Magelang
  7. Kediri
  8. Tegal
  9. Madiun
  10. Jember
  11. Pekalongan
  12. Bukittinggi
  13. Cilacap
  14. Garut
  15. Karawang
  16. Pasuruan
  17. Mojokerto
  18. Banda Aceh
  19. Sumedang
  20. Belitung
  21. Madura
  22. Probolinggo
  23. Purwakarta
  24. Banyuwangi
  25. Palu
  26. Kendari
  27. Kebumen
  28. Palembang
  29. Balikpapan
  30. Samarinda
  31. Batam
  32. Banjarmasin
  33. Sukabumi
  34. Pontianak
  35. Mataram
  36. Jambi
  37. Merauke
  38. Palopo
  39. Gorontalo
  40. Palangkaraya