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Anda Punya Pertanyaan?


How do I use GoBills?

Use GoBills to pay your bills or buy a certain digital product voucher easily. Below are the steps:

  1. Choose GoBills in main menu

  1. Choose the service/product you want to pay

  1. Follow the next step shown in app until you successfully make a payment using GoPay.

When making a payment through GoBills, make sure you enter the Customer ID or Meter ID correctly.

Remember that if you make a payment through GoBills, you will be charged with an administrative fee for each service you pay. To find out the administrative fees, please click here.

Is there a limit on payments in using GoBills?

Yes, there is. You will use your GoPay balance when making payment on GoBills, therefore the payment limit of your bills or purchase of digital product vouchers depends on your GoPay balance.

When is the bills' payment due date and the fines?

Here are the payment due date and fines list:

*For GoBills services, we suggest you to pay before the payment due date
*Fines depend on each Biller’s regulation
*Multifinance and Cable TV & Internet bill payments are currently available only for Android users

How do I check my bill at GoBills?

GoBills service allows you to pay your bills and buy certain digital vouchers in a simple way by using your GoPay credit only on Gojek app. Besides, you can also see the monthly bill amount you should pay through GoBills.

The steps are quite easy, please follow these steps below:

  1. Choose GoBills service in main menu

  1. Choose the service/product you want to pay


(example:  payment of postpaid PLN bills)

  1. Input your Customer ID, then click OK or Done button on your phone keyboard screen

(example:  payment of postpaid PLN bills)

  1. The amount of the bill you have to pay will appear on the screen. You don't need to click 'Pay' button if you only want to check your bill amount.
  2. Click 'Pay' button if you want to pay immediately and your GoPay balance is sufficient.

Easy, isn't it?


Why is my bill amount incorrect?

Please note that administration fees and fines might change anytime according to the Biller’s regulation.

If your bills amount in GoBills is different, please contact the Biller for further information.

What is GoBills?

GoBills is a Gojek service that allows you to pay your bills and buy certain digital vouchers in a simple way by using your GoPay credit only on Gojek app. Currently, you can use GoBills to pay for:

  • PLN (prepaid token, postpaid, and non electrical bills)
    • Prepaid: PLN token payment
    • Postpaid: PLN subscription bill payment
    • Non-Electrical Bills: Other bills such as new electrical installation, technical, and electrical power adjustment
  • BPJS Kesehatan
  • Google Play Voucher Code
  • Multifinance bills:
    • AEON Credit Service Indonesia
    • SFI (Suzuki Finance Indonesia)
    • Home Credit
    • BFI
  • Cable TV & Internet
    • MNC Vision
    • Okevision
    • Top TV
    • Indihome
    • Biznet
  • Game Voucher:
    • AOV [Arena Of Valor]
    • Mobile Legends
    • Ragnarok M: Eternal Love
    • Free Fire
    • Love Nikki
    • Speed Drifters
    • Steam
    • Game of Sultans
    • Hago
    • PUBG PC
    • Bleach Mobile 3D
  • PDAM
    • Jakarta Aetra
    • Jakarta Palyja
    • Kab. Bekasi
    • Kab. Bogor
    • Kota Bogor
    • Kota Depok
    • Kota Makassar
    • Kota Medan
  • Pascabayar
    • Telkomsel Halo
    • XL Pascabayar
    • Indosat Pascabayar
  • Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN)
  • Streaming
    • WIFI ID
    • VIU

Click here to see more information about how to use GoBills. 

How to redeem Kode Voucher Google Play?

Redeem your Kode Voucher Google Play easily to your website or Android phone/tablet. Copy your Kode Voucher Google Play first from your ‘Payment Detail’ or ‘Transactions’ page on GoBills.


To redeem on the website

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Kode Voucher Google Play
  3. Start shopping

To redeem on an Android phone/tablet

  1. Launch the Google Play Store app on your Android phone or tablet
  2. Select Redeem
  3. Enter Kode Voucher Google Play
  4. Start shopping

How to buy game voucher on GoBills

On GoBills services, you can buy digital voucher like game voucher. Here’s how to buy game voucher on GoBills:

  1. Choose GoBills on Gojek homepage

  1. Choose digital voucher you want to buy


  1. Enter your Customer/User/Player ID if it’s needed
  2. Choose amount of voucher then click Next
  3. Click `Pay Now
  4. Enter GoPay PIN and your transaction is being proceed



  • Once your payment is successful, your game voucher will be added into the game account
  • For Google Play and Steam, you have to redeem your voucher code first on your Google Play Store or Steam account

How do I see my GoBills transaction history?

You can see a list of GoBills transactions that you have made in the "History" menu located in the right top corner of the GoBills home page.

Your payment details will also be sent automatically to your registered e-mail in Gojek app that has been verified. Or you can also re-send the receipt to your email by clicking Send Receipt in your desired transaction history.

Can I use my BPJS card right away after the payment is successful?

After the payment is successful, you can use your BPJS card right away. If the payment transaction status is successful but your BPJS card cannot be used, please contact BPJS Kesehatan at BPJS Call Center 1500400 or visit their website at for further information.

How much is the limit of GoBills transaction?

Since GoBills payment uses GoPay credit, your payment limit depends on your GoPay balance limit.

If the bills you want to pay is more than Rp1.000.000, you have to upgrade your GoPay account first. After that, you can top up your GoPay balance to the amount of the bills that you want to pay.

Click here to find out more about GoPay balance limits.

Administration fee for GoBills services

Here is the list of administration fee for GoBills services:

GoBills Special Promo

Get GoPay cashback when you make payment in GoBills for electric bills, BPJS, even PLN Token and Google Play Store voucher! Click on the link below to see the terms and conditions.
Pay your bills at GoBills and get 5% cashback (with maximum cashback of Rp20.000)


How do I know if I already received the cashback?

You will get a message when you receive the cashback in your 'Inbox' menu 


Or you can see in your 'History' menu to check it