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Thank you’ from Gojek Thailand, Hello airasia Super App

When Gojek first launched operations in Thailand in 2019, we did it with a goal to reduce life’s daily frictions for consumers and to deliver a positive impact in the lives of tens of thousands of Thai merchant and driver partners. Together, we have accomplished this and so much more.

It’s now time to start a new chapter of our journey together, and to pass the reins of our operations in Thailand to airasia Digital. Gojek services (GoRide, GoFood, GoSend) - as well as GoPay transactions for Gojek services in Thailand - will continue to operate through 31 July, while AirAsia prepares for the launch of an all-new super app experience in the country soon.

In the meantime, we’re committed to providing you with the best possible service and support during the transition:

- Withdraw your GoPay balance by 31 July: Top-ups will be disabled for GoPay wallets from 7 July; however, you will still be able to use your balance to pay for Gojek services through 31 July. GoPay balances should be paid down or withdrawn on or prior to31 July.

- Using Gojek services: You may continue to place orders for Gojek services (GoRide, GoSend, GoFood) through the Gojek app until 31 July 2021.

Existing vouchers & discounts: All existing vouchers and discounts will be honored through 31 July.

Please refer to Gojek in-app help for any questions or concerns. Alternatively, you may email our user care team at care.th@gojek.com.

We are deeply grateful for your patronage and support.

Thank you for being a valued part of our story in Thailand. Stay tuned for updates from AirAsia on what’s to come!