Terms and conditions



as of 01 September 2019

Hello, welcome to www.go-tix.id website managed and owned by PT Global Loket Sejahtera ("Site"). PT Global Loket Sejahtera is a limited liability company engaged in technology, namely providing software in the form of a platform that allows users to order tickets for various of entertainment activities under the GoTix trademark (hereinafter referred to as "GoTix"). Every individual or entity that visits, uses, accesses, utilizes and/or creates an account on our Site (hereinafter referred to as "User") hereby agrees that the User has understood, read, accepted and agreed to the terms of use of GoTix Sites and services, as will be described below (hereinafter referred to as "Terms of Use").


  1. Definition & Interpretation

    Unless the context specifies otherwise, the following expression will have the following meanings in these Terms of Use:
    1. "GoTix", "We", or "Us" refer to PT Global Loket Sejahtera, a company established under Indonesian law and having its address at Pasaraya Blok M, Building B, 5th floor, Jalan Iskandarsyah II Nomor 2, South Jakarta 12160.
    2. User” or “You” refer to each Buyer and/or you as a user both person and/or an entity that uses, accesses, makes use of, makes an account, and/or makes a Ticket reservation at www.go-tix.id.
    3. Site” or “Our site” refer to www.go-tix.id managed and owned by PT Global Loket Sejahtera.
    4. "Platform" means our Site, the mobile version of applications from our Site, voice and data channels, technology, software, systems and other media that are owned or managed by GoTix from time to time.
    5. "Events" means an activity that is both commercial and non-commercial, organized by the Operator that uses our Platform services to support the activities of the event, including:
      1. film/movie/cinema/theater;
      2. music & festival;
      3. sports;
      4. arts & culture;
      5. conference & seminar;
      6. amusement parks;
      7. attraction; and
      8. other commercial and non-commercial activities, which we provide from time to time.
    6. "Operator" means any entity, whether individual, association, legal entity, and/or various other entities that hold the Event as an organizer, promoter, committee, affiliate, cinema owner, theater or cinema and/or Event owner in collaboration with us using our service platform.
    7. "Ticket" means a ticket as proof of legitimate rights, whether physical or electronic, to enter the venue for an event, to enjoy a show performed by the event, to use and/or utilize an activity related to the event held by the organizer according to the date , time, place, type and/or other provisions attached to the entrance ticket that has been selected, ordered and purchased legally by the Buyer, whether electronic, or other forms of media used by us from time to time and equipped with a unique code as a security system for the ticket.
    8. "E-Voucher" means the receipt of payment for ticket purchases through the GoTix Platform, which has been equipped with a unique security code, which can later be exchanged for tickets at the specified time and place or as a ticket sign in accordance with the provisions of the purchased and selected Event.
    9. "Buyer" means any User who buys a Ticket at a certain price or for free according to the price stated for the Event held by the Operator legally and in accordance with these Terms of Use, terms and conditions that apply to the venue, terms and conditions determined by the Operator, as well as the applicable laws and regulations.
    10. "Service Fee" means service fees in return for us for our services or products, including but not limited to providing a platform for ordering, providing and other related services, whether in the form of money, percentages or services that can be assessed, which we determine to time based on our own policies.
  2. General Terms

    1. In the event of a conflict or inconsistency between two or more provisions in these Terms of Use both with our other terms of use and/or provisions for the use of the Operator, whether the provisions are contained in the same or different documents, conflict or inconsistency then GoTix will determine apply.
    2. In addition to these Terms of Use and depending on the services chosen by you, you must read the rules and conditions of these services that might apply to the services you choose.
    3. GoTix will publish any substantial changes or amendments to these Terms of Use (if any) through the Platform. GoTix will not publish these changes to you personally and therefore the User is required to read carefully any changes or amendments so that if the User continues to use, access or utilize the Platform, the User is deemed to have known, understood and agreed to the changes or amendments.
    4. All Ticket orders by Buyers for Events organized by the Operator through our Platform constitute a separate engagement with the engagement arising from this agreement based on these Terms of Use, namely an agreement arising between the Buyer and the Operator, each party to which is bound and subject to the said agreement. To avoid doubt, we are a platform provider that works with the Operator, while all the tickets sold to the Buyer belong to the Operator. All forms of data and information regarding the Ticket that the Provider provides to Us, and We inform the User, constitute an offer from the Operator to the User which is binding on the Operator and the Buyer in the event of the purchase of the Ticket. Therefore, we are not included as a party in the event of a dispute, prosecution of rights, claim of rights, request for rights, compensation, loss arising, injury arising, death arising and/or claim to any rights arising directly or indirectly from the delivery of the Event requested by the Operator to the Buyer and vice versa from the Buyer to the Operator, including by any third party who feels aggrieved by the implementation of the Event by the Operator.
    5. To avoid doubts, the User has understood and agreed that GoTix does not provide guarantees in any form for the overall delivery of the Event in the form of the results of ticket sales, User satisfaction, or the smooth implementation of the Event. The User hereby releases and indemnifies GoTix and bear all forms of litigations, claims, requests, losses, damages, and/or all forms of compensation of rights by any party including the User itself arising from including but not limited to the use of GoTix and/or purchase by the Buyer.
    6. To avoid doubt, we are a technology company, not a company operating in the agency sector. There is no provision and/or relationship that occurs that binds between us and the user and/or the party that owns and/or organizes the event, the organizer and any party that can be considered as an agency.
    7. As a service that is integrated with Gojek, the use and/or utilization of GoTix either through the Gojek Site or the Site is also subject to Gojek Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, unless specifically specified in these Terms & Conditions and/or in the GoTix Privacy Policy, where its enforcement is determined based on our full policy.
  3. GoTix Terms of Service

    1. The order/purchase that the User does through GoTix, is a legal and contractual relationship that is binding between the User and Us, and also between the Buyer and the Operator. In this case, GoTix can act as a platform provider to facilitate transactions between Users and Organizers.
    2. Data and information related to the GoTix Events included on the Site constitute data and information that GoTix receives from the Operator, and GoTix will publish the data and information in good faith in accordance with the data and information that GoTix accepts.
    3. GoTix does not have control over the data and information provided by the Operator, and GoTix does not guarantee that the data and information presented are accurate, complete, correct, legal, valid, legitimate and/or free of errors.
    4. Users are not permitted to distribute or resell tickets or E-Vouchers received, including to use, copy, supervise, display and/or disseminate in other ways either partially or in full the Ticket or E-Voucher on social media and/or other media. To avoid doubt, we are not responsible for any form of responsibility, loss, necessary actions, claims, claims, rights claims, substitutions and/or requests for any rights arising from the negligence, negligence, actions of the Buyer, including disseminating on social media, other actions both direct and indirect, such as data and information security from devices used by Users and Buyers that cause harm to the Buyer and other parties. Therefore, the Buyer is required to maintain all data and information related to purchases and tickets purchased.
    5. Users can only use the services available on the Site to make legitimate bookings/purchases. Users are not allowed to make orders/purchases for speculation, improper or illegal. If GoTix finds out or reasonably suspects that the order/purchase that the User made is invalid, GoTix has the right to cancel your Ticket purchase/booking.
    6. When using Site, the User is fully responsible for the correctness of every data and information filled in by the User, including ordering and purchasing and creating accounts, any form of negligence, error, omission, typo, and/or error in any form and reason that causes data and the information becomes meaningless as the User will be referred to as the full responsibility of the User, whether it causes loss or not, shall fall under the responsibility of the User. Therefore, Users are required to fill in all information and data in using our Site and services accurately, carefully, in due care and thoroughly.
    7. You as a User hereby declare and guarantee to us that you are a entitled entity, authorized legal representative, right owner, and/or have obtained all necessary approvals in utilizing our Site services, making orders and purchases, creating accounts and filling everything data and information in making your account, and all other actions relating to the use of our Site services.
    8. You as a User hereby declare and guarantee to us that all data and information provided and filled in by the GoTix Platform by you is legal, valid, valid data and information, and that you have the authority to submit such information to us.
    9. You hereby agree that GoTix has full rights and authority based on our own policies, to delete, not process, blacklist, block and/or with methods and methods that we deem necessary to handle each account Users or use by Users who we consider to have violated these Terms of Use, committing a crime, violating the provisions of laws and regulations, public order, fraud, infringement, misuse, negligence and/or based on our policies that can be accounted for.
  4. Terms of Use

    1. The user declares and warrants that the User is an individual who is legally entitled and competent to enter into a binding agreement under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, specifically the Terms of Use, to use the Site services to order and purchase Tickets. Otherwise, we or the relevant Organizer shall have the right under the law to cancel the agreement made with the User. The user further states and guarantees that the User has the right, authority and capacity to use the Site. The user also states and warrants that the User is authorized to enter into and bind to these Terms of Use and register for an account on the Site.
    2. We collect and process User information and personal data, such as but not limited to names, e-mail addresses (e-mails), User ID cards, User ID numbers and/or mobile phone numbers during User registration. Users must provide accurate and complete information, update information and agree to provide us with any proof of identity that we can reasonably request. If the personal information that the User gives us has changed, for example, if the User changes the email address, telephone number, or if the User wants to cancel the User account, please update the User information details by sending us a User request. We will, as long as we can, enforce the requested changes.
    3. Users can only make purchases, bookings and/or other services that require the User to register, on the Site when the User has registered for the service. After the User successfully registers, the Site will give the User a personal account that can be accessed with the password that the User chooses.
    4. Only Users who can use their own User account and Users are prohibited from authorizing others to use the User's identity or use User accounts, either directly or indirectly such as but not limited to distributing User accounts on social media. The user cannot submit or transfer a User account to any other party. The user must maintain the security and confidentiality of the User account password and any identification that we provide to you. In the event of disclosure of your password, in any way, which results in any unauthorized or unauthorized use of your account or identity, the order received from unauthorized or unauthorized use will still be considered a valid order, except The user notifies us about this before the Provider provides the requested service/Ticket.
    5. Each User can only have one account.
    6. The information provided by the Site cannot be interpreted as a suggestion or offer, where the decision to use our Site services is entirely in the hands of the User. Users are free to choose not to use our services and to use services provided by other parties.
    7. The user promises that the User will use the Site only for the intended purpose to obtain services. Users are not permitted to abuse or use the Site for fraudulent purposes or cause inconvenience to other people or create fake bookings.
    8. Users are not allowed to harm, change or modify our Site and/or Platform or try to harm, change or modify in any way. We are not responsible if the User does not have the appropriate device. We reserve the right to prohibit Users from using the Site further if the User uses the Site with an incompatible/invalid or illegal device or for purposes other than the intended purpose for the use of this Site. The user promises that it will only use an access point that is permitted for the User to use.
    9. Users will maintain confidentiality and will not abuse the information that Users receive from using the Site and/or our services.
    10. Users understand and agree that User's use of the Site will be subject to our Privacy Policy as may be changed from time to time. By using the Site, Users also give consent as required by our Privacy Policy.
    11. By providing information and data to us, the User states that the User has the right and agrees to provide us with the information and data that we will use and We can provide to the Parties that work with Us and/or are affiliated with Us.
    12. We can, at our discretion, provide promotions that can be exchanged for benefits related to the use of the Site. The User agrees that it will only use the promotion as the promotion is intended and will not abuse, duplicate, sell or transfer the promotion in any way. The User also understands that promotions cannot be exchanged for cash and may expire on a certain date, even before being used by the User.
    13. Please inform us if the user no longer has control over your account, for example, a user account is hacked or the user's phone is stolen, so we may cancel the user account properly. Please note that the User is responsible for the use of a User account and may be held liable even if the User account is misused by another person.
  5. Payment

    1. We can introduce the imposition of fees for the use or utilization of the Site at any time. We will notify the User through the Site about this as appropriate so that the User can decide whether to continue using the Site or not. However, the internet connection required to use the Site and services, and any related costs (such as mobile data costs) arising from the use of the Service and/or purchase/booking of tickets are the exclusive responsibility of the User and are solely borne by the User.
    2. Users are required to pay for all services and/or tickets that are selected, ordered and purchased based on the provisions, mechanisms and/or procedures available and chosen by the User. The buyer warrants us that the purchase does not violate the provisions of any agreement where the User is subject to and bound, statutory regulations, court decisions, authorized agency orders, sanctions and penalties and/or has obtained all necessary agreements or requirements before making an order, purchase and payment of the Ticket.
    3. Under no circumstances shall we become responsible for any ticket bookings made through other sites that are not an official site owned or managed by us. For this reason, users must carefully check the official address of the site owned or managed by us when making a ticket order/purchase, i.e. www.go-tix.id.
    4. Event organizers may apply tickets in various categories or classes, dates and hours of events, and/or various other distinguishing variations, including to provide tickets for one time entry to the venue or many times and/or terms of use and/or exchange of tickets that the Users purchase. The user is obliged to pay attention to all the provisions of the Ticket and choose and agree to the terms and conditions of the Ticket and the venue of the Ticket that the User buys in accordance with the wishes of the User.
    5. For shows/events that are marked with a minimum age (for example: 17+, 18+, 21+), Users who are less than the minimum age listed are not permitted to enter the Event area for any reason. There is no refund or compensation in any form. Age validation can only be done by showing a valid User ID.
    6. Ticket booking/purchase transactions are considered successful and have taken place after GoTix has received confirmation of payment of Ticket payment by the User through ways that the User has chosen and provided through the Site that the User chooses and approves, including but not limited to when GoTix sends E-Voucher that is valid and verified with the GoTix system.
    7. Users hereby acknowledge that failure of payment transactions may occur at any time due to a failure of the banking system, and the User hereby agrees that in the event of a banking system failure, the Ticket booking/purchase is deemed unsuccessful. In the event of a dispute in the future regarding the Ticket booking/purchase, the User agrees that the data contained in our system constitutes and is the only valid and binding evidence between Us and You.
    8. By completing payment for a User's purchase/order of Event Tickets through GoTix, the User agrees to accept and comply with the provisions relating to the use, exchange, procedures for entering the Event area, the regulations applied by the Operator for each Event, and/or our policies and/or other Organizers, which can be applied from time to time based on the situation and policy of the Operator and/or Us at that time.
    9. Tickets that have been ordered/purchased and paid for by you cannot be canceled or returned or cashed or resold or transferred in any way to another person for any reason. You hereby agree to replace all losses suffered by Us, as well as release and protect Us from any form of claim filed by any party arising in connection with the resale or transfer of the Ticket by You to another person, whether caused directly by your actions or indirectly.
  6. Terms Regarding Tickets

    1. Tickets are only valid if purchased according to the procedures specified in GoTix services.
    2. For tickets purchased that require physical ticket submission or E-Voucher exchange or ticket redemption, please ensure that you bring your identity card that refers to the data that you submit when using GoTix services.
    3. Ticket exchange can only be done once in accordance with the E-Voucher or purchase data in the GoTix system. GoTix and the Operator and affiliates We are not responsible for losing the Ticket after the Ticket has been exchanged and received by you and other losses or risks, including the use of tickets by others or theft of the Ticket.
    4. For electronic tickets that can be printed directly by the user, please make sure to bring the electronic ticket printed on the day the event is held.
    5. Users are prohibited from duplicating or duplicating Tickets and/or E-Vouchers.
    6. We are not responsible for the negligence of Users which results in tickets or E-Vouchers falling into the hands of others or being in the possession of others and used as a sign of entry into the Event or exchanged for actual physical tickets so as to eliminate the User's right to enter the Event or to redeem Tickets or E-Vouchers with physical Tickets.
    7. The Event Organizer has the right to take any action to prohibit or reject Users entering the Event or exchange electronic tickets with actual physical tickets if the User's Ticket or E-Voucher has been used previously by another person.
    8. The Event Organizer and/or We have the right to process and prosecute in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, both civil and criminal, people (including Users) who obtain tickets in a way that is not in accordance with the procedures imposed by the promoter or the organizer, including but not limited to fraudulent acts or duplication of tickets.
  7. Terms of Event

    1. The date of the event, show time and venue is fully determined by and is the authority of the Event Organizer and therefore we are not responsible for changes in the date of the Event, showtime and venue and other changes made by the Event Organizer after the ticket purchase transaction has been successfully carried out.
    2. In the event that the Event is canceled or there is a refund of the ticket purchase by the Event Organizer, the User hereby agrees that the Ticket refund policy is entirely the authority of the Event Organizer, and the User hereby agrees to defend, release and release and not file any claim to us/or our affiliated company in connection with cancellation of the Event and refund of the ticket purchase. Bank fees and administrative fees that have been charged to the User when purchasing a Ticket cannot be returned.
    3. The Event Organizer has the right to refuse the User to enter the Event or remove the User from the Event if the User behaves in an disorderly manner, ignites a dispute, is suspected of violating laws and regulations, these Terms of Use, other provisions that apply to the Ticket or venue and/or reject instructions/warnings from the Event Organizer staff and/or based on the policies of the Operator that can be accounted for. Furthermore, GoTix and/or the Event Organizer are not obliged to make a refund to the User in the case mentioned above.
    4. The user is required to safeguard the personal belongings of the User during the Event. We and/or the Organizer of the Event in any event are not responsible for the loss and/or damage of the User's personal property during the Event.
    5. Users hereby release us and/or the organizer of the Event from all forms of claim in the event of cancellation of the event carried out unilaterally by the artist or the government or for other reasons beyond the ability and will of GoTix and/or the Event Organizer.
    6. Users hereby agree to take full responsibility and release and release us from all forms of responsibility, compensation, claims, claims, claim rights, requests for rights from any party and/or any form of obligation that must be borne due to violations of these Terms of Use, violation of laws and regulations, violations of social norms, illiteracy, public order, and/or violations of the rights of other parties who feel their rights are violated due to the implementation and visit of the Event that the Ticket is purchased by Users and/or violations of prohibitions, statements and guarantees. obligations and all forms of provisions of these Terms of Use.
    7. Users release and indemnify GoTix from all legal responsibilities arising from the implementation of the Event, including the consequences of visits to the Event carried out by the Buyer. Therefore, the Buyer voluntarily, in their own conscience without coercion from any party, shall enjoy, visit, and use the event tickets purchased through us.
    8. In the event of an Event cancellation by an artist or an authorized authority or other party due to reasons that are beyond the control or will of the Operator and Us, the User agrees to legally release the Event Organizer and Us from any claim whatsoever in relation to the cancellation.
    9. Users must comply with the terms and conditions of the Event imposed by the organizer during the Event, including but not limited to provisions on dress and behavior, age restrictions and restrictions on carrying certain items to the venue/show. The user understands that the terms and conditions of the Event are entirely the authority of the organizer or promoter and we are not involved and do not have any authority regarding the Event. Therefore, we are not responsible for actions taken by the Operator for Users before, during and after the Event, including those that cause harm to the User.
    10. We do not guarantee and are responsible for the continuity, implementation, operation and/or quality as well as User satisfaction with the Event for the Ticket the User buys through the Site.
    11. We do not guarantee and are responsible for the accuracy of the schedule for the Event and/or whether or not an Event that the User buys his Ticket through GoTix, and the User understands and agrees that there is a possibility of cancellation, reimbursement and/or delay in the Event due and other things. Users release and indemnify us from any litigation, claims, demand for rights and/or any legal process arising from the implementation of the Event, the quality of the Event, cancellation of the Event, postponement of Event schedule, changes to the Event and/or any other occasion related to the Event.
    12. Refunds on ticket purchases as a result of cancellation of the Event or Event Organizer policy, will be carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions specified by the Operator. Convenient fee or fees other than the price of the Ticket itself charged to the User will not be refunded.
  8. Guarantee

    We do not provide statements, guarantees or guarantees for the reliability, timeliness, quality, suitability, availability, accuracy or completeness of services, our Site and/or our Platform, including but not limited to Services obtained or originating from the Operator and/or our partners through the use of the Platform. We do not represent or warrant that :
    1. the use of the Platform will be safe, timely, uninterrupted or error free or operate in combination with other hardware, software, systems or data;
    2. the service will meet your needs or expectations;
    3. any stored data will be accurate or reliable;
    4. the quality of products, services, information or other materials purchased or obtained by you through the Platform will meet your needs or expectations;
    5. errors or defects in The platform will be fixed; or
    6. a platform or server (server) that provides a platform free of viruses or other harmful components. Services provided for you are limited to "as is" basis. All conditions, statements and guarantees, whether express, implied, required by law or otherwise, include, but are not limited to, implied warranties regarding sale and purchase, suitability for a particular purpose, or no violation of the rights of third parties, hereby excluded and excluded with the highest and maximum limits. You acknowledge and agree that all risks arising from the use of the Platform by you remain solely and entirely on you and you will not have the right to request any compensation from us.
  9. Limits of Responsibility

    1. We are not responsible for any injuries, deaths, damage or losses incurred on the Event and/or use of our Platform and/or Site. Neither are we responsible for errors, including violations, or criminal acts carried out by the Operator, other visitors or other parties who are in the place of the Event taking place during the implementation of the Event, including by the Users themselves.
    2. We are not responsible and you guarantee and release us, our operators, our partners, and our affiliated companies from the responsibility for any losses, claims, claims and/or requests for any rights by you, buyers, event visitors and/or third parties for misuse, fraud, fraudulent acts and/or other actions resulting from the dissemination of event information and/or data, including Event Ticket data/information, which you do yourself and/or as a result of your negligence, negligence and/or intentions. Therefore, you are required to maintain and not disseminate your own personal information and data, including your account.
    3. Any claim against us in any case by you, will be limited to the total amount actually paid by and/or owed to you when using our services during the event that caused the claim. In any case We and/or licensors and/or affiliated companies We will not be liable to you or anyone for fees, interest, damage or loss of any kind or form (including personal injury, emotional disturbance and loss of data, goods, income, profits, use or other economic benefits). We will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury that may be caused by or caused by you during the Event or in the context of implementing this agreement or to anyone for whom you have ordered services, including but not limited to loss, damage or injury arising from, or in any way in connection with services and/or platforms, including but not limited to the use or inability to use services and/or our Platform and/or Site.
    4. You expressly waive and release us from any and all obligations, claims or damages arising from or in any way in connection with the Buyer, your partner, the Operator, the visitor of the Event, the party who is at the Event and/or the Operator. We and our affiliated companies will not be parties to the dispute, negotiating disputes between you and any party. The responsibility for the decisions that you make for the event is solely your responsibility. You expressly waive and release us from any and all obligations, demands, causes of action or damage arising from the use of the Platform, the implementation of the Event, software and/or Platform, or in any way related to Us and the Event Organizer introduced to You through the platform.
    5. We will take reasonable steps to prevent internet fraud and ensure that data is collected by us and stored so that it is safe. However, we are not responsible in the event of a violation on your computer server, We are not responsible as a third party.
  10. Indemnification

    By using our services and/or our Site, you agree that you will defend, provide compensation and release us, our licensors, affiliates and each of our officers, directors, commissioners, employees, lawyers and agents from and to each and all claims, costs, damages, losses, liabilities and costs (including attorneys' fees and fees) arising from or in connection with: (a) the use of services on our Site and / or Platform by you, your relationship with Buyers, third party providers, partners, advertisers and or sponsors, or (b) violations of or not being complied with in one of the Terms of Use or the applicable provisions, whether stated here or not or (c) your violations of the rights of third parties, including third-party partners and our Partners, or (d) use or misuse of our Platform services. The obligation to defend and compensate this will remain valid even if the Terms of Use and use of the Site by you and the Event have expired.
  11. Licensing

    1. Depending on the User's compliance with the Terms of Use, we give the User permission that is limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, permission that can be withdrawn to download on a single mobile device that the User has or controls and runs The site is solely for the user's personal, non-commercial needs.
    2. Users are not permitted (i) to copy, modify, adapt, translate, make derivative works from, distribute, license, sell, transfer, publicly display, reproduce, transmit, move, broadcast, decompile or disassemble any part of or in other ways that may exploit the Site, except as permitted in these Terms of Use, (ii) license, sublicense, sell, resell, transfer, transfer, distribute or exploit commercially or make available to third parties the Site and / or software by means of; (iii) creating internet "links" to the Site or "frame" or "mirror" any software on other servers or wireless devices or internet-based ones; (iv) reengineering or accessing our software to (a) build competing products or services, (b) build products using ideas, features, functions or graphics similar to the Site, or (c) copy ideas, features, functions or Site graphics, (v) launch automated programs or scripts, including , but not limited to, web spiders, web crawlers, web robots, web ants, web indexers, bots, viruses or worms, or any program that might make multiple server requests per second, or create heavy loads or hinder operations and/or performance Site, (vi) using robots, spiders, site searches/retrieval sites, or other manual or automatic devices or processes to retrieve, index, "data mine", or in any way reproduce or avoid the navigation or presentation structure of the Site or its contents; (vii) publish, distribute or reproduce in any way material that is protected by copyright, trademark or other information without obtaining prior approval from the owner of the property, (viii) delete any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights notices contained in the Site. There are no licenses or rights granted to Users with implications based on intellectual property rights owned or controlled by us or our licensors, except for those licenses and rights expressly given in these Terms of Use.
  12. Intellectual Property

    1. GoTix, including the name and logo, Site, and services along with symbols, logos, photography, posters and / or creations of Us, Our affiliates and/or Organizers, are protected by copyright, trademark and other rights provided based on the law of the Republic of Indonesia. We (and our licensors, as applicable) exclusively own all rights, ownership and interests in and to the Site, including all related intellectual property rights.
    2. Without deviating from our rights based on applicable law or the Terms of Use, the User is notified that any actual attempt or violation of this provision will result in the termination of all User rights under the Terms of Use. If the User avoids any of the ways we take to protect the service from unauthorized use, the User must immediately stop any and all uses of the service, and the User agrees to do so. GoTix, including the name and logo, Site, and services along with symbols, logos, photography, posters and/or creations of Ours, Our affiliates and/or Organizers, are protected by copyright, trademark and other rights provided based on the law of the Republic of Indonesia. We (and our licensors, as applicable) exclusively own all rights, ownership and interests in and to the Site, including all related intellectual property rights.
  13. Termination

    1. Users are not obliged to use our Site, and may choose to stop using it at any time by canceling the User account and leaving the Site from our device, thereby disabling the use of the Site. The Terms of Use automatically expire when the User permanently deletes the Site from the device.
    2. The user can terminate the User account by telling us the User's intention to cancel your account. We will try to do our best to complete your termination.
    3. We reserve the right to immediately suspend, limit or stop the Terms of Use and use of the Site if we have reason to suspect that the User has violated the provisions of these Terms of Use or applicable laws and regulations.
  14. Miscellaneous

    1. Waiver or tolerance or our failure to claim a violation of the provisions of these Terms of Use or to exercise the rights stated by these Terms of Use or applicable law, will not be considered as waiver in connection with subsequent violations of any provisions of these Terms of Use.
    2. These Terms of Use are prepared in English and Indonesian, both versions will bind the User and Us. In the event of a discrepancy between the Indonesian version and the English version, the Indonesian language version will apply.
    3. Users cannot transfer or delegate their rights based on the Terms of Use, without our prior written consent. We may transfer our rights based on the Terms of Use to the parties solely and absolutely according to our policies.
    4. If there are terms based on the Terms of Use which are considered invalid, invalid or unenforceable, either in whole or in part, based on the enactment or statutory provisions, the terms or parts of those terms will, to the extent, be considered not part of these Terms of Use however the legality, validity or enforceability of the remaining Terms of Use will not be affected.
    5. These Terms of Use are governed by and interpreted under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. Any and all disputes arising from the use of our services will be governed by the exclusive jurisdiction of the South Jakarta District Court.
    6. These Terms of Use can be modified and changed from time to time, whether with prior notification or not. Users has obligation to periodically check the Terms of Use. We may notify Users through the Site and/or email for modifications, and/or changes to the Terms of Use. Continuous use of the Site after receipt of this notification constitutes the User's approval and acceptance of modifications, and/or changes, even if not given personal notification to the User.
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