Introducing, Rambu

A powerful accessible design system made for web marketing needs, consisting of components library, best usage scenarios and guidelines.

Our Foundations

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We chose Maison Neue with its unique personality that comes in 12 styles, giving enough freedom to explore!

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Our colour palette is scalable in a way that creates brand recalls for all our products.

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Our line and filled icons are inspired by circles, designed to be delightful, recognisable and intuitive.

Responsive Patterns

Our reusable patterns combine components that solve common user problems. With best practice solutions included, it will help you achieve your goals and ensure design consistency across experiences.

Meet the Team

We are gathered by the same interest: searching solutions for design problems.

Get to know us, won’t you?

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All design tidbits, available here

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Figma Working File

The zing to our system

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Design hand over made easy