Problem when purchasing movie tickets on GoTix

GoTix offers you  movies or events tickets and we’d like to say thank you for purchasing the tickets!

When you’re purchasing a movie ticket, perhaps you have ever experienced some difficulties and got notifications like this:

Hold ticket failed notifications

Hold ticket failed notifications is a notification that can appear due to schedule changed in theater (CGV, Cinepolis, Flix, or KOTACINEMA) that you choose, or there is another visitors who have booked seat directly at the theater location that you choose. Whoopsie not your luck, sorry..

But don't be sad, you can still purchase another seat or movie!

Something went wrong! Please try again notifications

Second notification that you may get is Something went wrong! Please try again. It’s a notification that can appear if you can't purchase movie tickets. Well, for this case, you can try to make a purchase again in a few moments.

If you still can't purchase movie ticket and always get notification like above, you can do this…
Tell us the details via Gojek Help page (under My Profile menu) by clicking the Contact Us* below. We will gladly help you!

*Contact Us button only accessible when you open this page on your phone/tablet

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