Flexitix Feature

You’ve bought a movie ticket but got canceled because your plan’s suddenly changed?

Relax, with the new Flexitix feature from GoTix, now you can refund your movie ticket. Simply activate the Flexitix feature when purchasing a ticket then you can refund later and receive your GoPay balance back.

Things to remember when using the Flexitix feature...

  • This feature only applies to the Movie ticket
  • The Flexitix feature is only available when you use GoPay as your payment method
  • You will be charged with an additional fee of Rp2.500 per ticket
  • Refund can only be done within 1 (one) hour before the movie begins
  • The nominal that will be refunded to your GoPay account is only the total price of the ticket you paid, excluding the GoTix convenience fee and the additional fee of the Flexitix feature.

Just make sure you've activated the Flexitix feature when purchasing a movie ticket.

*This feature is only available starts from app version 3.47 (Android) and 3.48 (iOS)

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