How to use Flexitix

You can simply follow these 3 (three) steps:

1. Select a movie ticket in GoTix

You can see the detailed steps here 

2. Activate Flexitix feature

  • On the checkout page, don’t forget to choose GoPay as your payment method

  • Then, click ‘Activate Flexitix’ to use the Flexitix feature

(The Flexitix feature is only available for payment method using GoPay)

  • The Flexitix feature fee will be directly added to the payment details

(For every ticket purchase using the Flexitix feature, there will be an additional fee of Rp2.500/ticket)

3. Pay the ticket

  • Click ‘Order now’ to buy the ticket
  • Voila! You have successfully purchased a movie ticket and can refund if a cancellation occurs.

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