Type of GoTix payments

After you pick the desired Event or Movie, you will find 4 (four) payment methods on the 'Booking Confirmation' page: 

  • GoPay 
  • LinkAja 
  • PayLater* 
  • Credit/debit card 

*If you currently do not yet have access to PayLater, hang in there! We are currently working on making it available to more users 

  • If you want to pay with GoPay, LinkAja, or PayLater, choose Payment by GoPay then click [⋮] to choose GoPay, LinkAja, or PayLater as your payment method. Then click 'Order Now' to continue your order 


  • If you want to pay with credit/debit card, choose Credit/Debit Card method, you must fill your card number, card expiry date and CVV number (3 or 4 digits number behind your credit card). After you fill all the data, click 'Order Now' to continue your order. 

Keep in mind.. 

We are sorry that we cannot reschedule ticket that you have purchased or provide you a refund. That's why you need to make sure the date, time, and the type of seat that you purchased based on your preference.

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