GoSend Intercity package status

In the Intercity Delivery service you can see the status of shipping package with the following details:

  • When you are booking for intercity and facing this screen we will find you courier and courier will be assigned 30 minutes before pick up time start or during pick up time.
  • You can’t cancel your order when it’s confirmed that you’ve got a courier.

  • When a courier has been assigned to pick up your package:
  • Click ‘Track Driver’ button to track your courier



  • When the courier pick up your package:
    • You can see the photos of packages that have been successfully taken and will be sent by the courier.
    • You can’t cancel the shipment when the package has been successfully taken by courier (Hero).


  • When your package has arrived:
    • You can see the recipient's information along with the recipient's signature.


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