How to order GoSend Intercity

Good news! Now you can send packages across the city with GoSend.

GoSend cooperates with Paxel in providing special service for shipping goods across the city.

Below are the steps of using GoSend Intercity:

  • Choose GoSend on your Gojek app homepage. 
  • Choose Intercity delivery
  • Choose the destination city and enter the recipient’s details, then choose the pickup city and enter the sender’s details. *If the destination and pick up location is still in the same city area, you will get “Let’s double-check your location” notification.
  • Insert your package details

  • Recheck your order, then click ‘Order GoSend’. *Please note that you can't cancel your order if you already got a courier. Courier will be assigned 30 minutes before pick up time start or during pick up time.
    But, you can still cancel the order before getting a courier by clicking the
    'Cancel order' button.

After you got a courier, on the order status page you can see:

  • Confirmation status that you already got a courier to pick up your package
  • Your delivery status
  • Estimated pick up time and arrival time
  • Photo of package that have been taken and will be sent by the courier
    *you can't cancel the shipment when the Package/Goods has been successfully taken by courier (Hero)
  • Recipient’s information along with proof of signature after the package arrived at the destination

You can also contact the courier by phone or SMS by clicking the button provided.

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