GoSend Intercity Insurance

We always strive to provide the best experience for you in terms of safety and protection when using GoSend Intercity service with Paxel.

Gojek in collaboration with Paxel provides insurance for every item shipped. You can choose the type of insurance to be used according to your personal needs. Every customer who uses GoSend Intercity service will get protection insurance included in the shipping fee.

Type of insurance and coverage value

For any risk of lost and / or damaged goods upon delivery in the GoSend service, you will get insurance coverage benefits as determined below:

Insurance by Paxel:

  • Every time you use GoSend Intercity service by Paxel, you are automatically protected and get a maximum insurance coverage up to Rp10.000.000 without additional costs.

Type of goods that are covered by insurance

  • Broken and/or missing goods that are eligible according to GoSend’s terms & conditions will be covered based on the insurance that you chose
  • In order to claim the insurance, you need to write down the details of the package on the package name section (e.g. Samsung S10, Black, 128GB).
    If you do not put item details on the package sections or if you send different item from what’s described in the item details, then the insurance claims submission will be rejected.
  • Paxel team will negotiate to calculate the value limit of the goods if you cannot provide the purchase proof of the goods.

Exclusion of insurance claims (Types of goods that are not covered by insurance)

You can click here for further information.

Claim submission limit

The maximum limit for submitting your insurance claim is 3 (three) days after the item is lost or damaged.

How to claim insurance

Order via Gojek app:

To process claims for damaged or lost items, customer can make a report by contacting:

  • Visit Help on the GoSend order that has problem, or on the 'My Account' page in the Gojek app
  • Feedback/rating column when the order is completed.

In claiming the insurance, the customer needs to give the damage/lost details of the items and prepare the required documents within the time that will be determined after the submission.

Documents required when submitting the claim:

  • Photo of national identity card (KTP)
  • Chronological validation
  • Order number [Gojek order number]
  • Claim nominal
  • Invoice
  • The letters of claim
  • Fill out Paxel claim form (the form will be provided by Gojek Customer Service)

Claim process time

Submitted claim will be reviewed in advance by the insurance provider after the document is declared complete. We will inform the insurance user via email if the document is complete and ready to be processed, or if the document is declared incomplete.

The amount of coverage will be received within 14 (fourteen) working days after the document is declared.

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