On-Time Pickup Guarantee Voucher for GoRide and GoCar trip

GoRide and GoCar customers can enjoy an additional benefit of an On-Time Pickup Guarantee by activating the SafeTrip+ insurance feature on the GoRide/GoCar order page.

Once covered by SafeTrip+ insurance, you will get compensation worth Rp5.000 and Rp10.000 discount for GoRide and GoCar services if the driver picks you up more than 15 minutes from the estimated time mentioned in the app. You can use the voucher for your next GoRide/GoCar trip.

You will receive a notification if you are eligible for an On-Time Pickup Guarantee voucher. The voucher can then be found on the Promo page > Voucher in the Gojek app after the trip ends.

Terms and conditions of On-Time Pickup Guarantee Voucher

  • Vouchers are given as compensation for a late pickup for GoCar, GoCar L, GoCar Protect+, and GoRide services which are covered by SafeTrip+ insurance

  • You are no longer eligible to receive a compensation IF you change the pick up location, cancel the order, and don't get a driver

  • The validity period of the voucher is 7 (seven) days from the time the voucher is received

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