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GoPayLater application account is rejected

If your GoPayLater submission is not successful, you will receive a notification in your Gojek app regarding the reasons for rejection.

Here are some reasons why your GoPayLater application was rejected:

  • Selfie and ID photos are blurred

  • The ID photo is dark

  • The ID photo is exposed to flash reflections

  • The ID photo is cropped or not fully visible

If you got the notifications like the images above, please retake the photo and make sure a few things below:

  1. Photo have a good lighting
  2. Photo is focused
  3. Put eKTP in the correct place
  4. eKTP doesn’t cover the face while taking the selfie
  5. eKTP information is stated clearly and fully readable.
  • The document you uploaded was considered as damaged, so the data is not readable

If you need to replace your eKTP, you can click here to know how to request an eKTP replacement. In addition, make sure the ID you upload is original, (not a photocopy).

  • The document you've submitted, such as the data or photo, is not matched with the information on your eKTP

Please make sure the document you've submitted is your own eKTP, not others, and the data is matched.

  • Your ID is already registered in another account

Please make sure that your ID is only registered only for 1 account.

Hope this information helps you.

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