GoPayLater by Findaya

Services where GoPayLater can be used

GoPayLater is available as a payment method on the following Gojek services: GoRide, GoCar, GoFood, GoSend, GoBluebird, GoBox, Gojek Subscription, GoPulsa, GoTagihan, GoTix, and GoPay Online and Offline merchants. However, not all customers who get GoPayLater access can use it for all of these services.

If GoPayLater does not appear as a payment option when you’re making an order on a Gojek service, it means that GoPayLater is not yet available for you on that specific Gojek service.

Please remember, the services that can be used for GoPayLater for each customer are different.

For example, you may be able to use GoPayLater for GoRide and GoFood, but not on GoPulsa, GoTagihan or Swalayan. Another example, your friends can use GoPayLater on GoRide, but you can't, or vice versa.

Note: Every transaction using GoPayLater is required to enter a GoPay PIN. Make sure you have set up your GoPay PIN.

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