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GoPayLater due date and repayment cycle

The repayment due date is always on the last date of every month. Simply repay on or before the due date to clear your dues and avoid Late Fees. Don't worry, after the due date, we have a grace period of 5 (five) days for you to pay the dues immediately. We'll also send you reminders to help you repay on time. You can always check your due date on your GoPayLater Homepage.

Tips of GoPayLater usage: It's a good idea to use GoPayLater on every first date of the month, so you have enough time to repay the bills on the last date of the month. For more details, see an example of GoPayLater usage in the image below:


  • Your trial period ends after the first 1 (one) month since you activated GoPayLater. Click here for more information about GoPayLater trial period
  • You will not be charged the GoPayLater Fee if you do not use GoPayLater in that month
  • You'll start receiving repayment reminder notifications from the 25th of each month
  • Late fee will only be charged if you are late in paying your bills and the GoPayLater Fee after the 5th of the following month
  • If you make a payment and re-use GoPayLater in the same month, you will still have to pay the transaction at the end of the month or before the 5th of the following month.
  • If you don’t pay the bill on time, you will be charged a GoPayLater Late Fee. More information about GoPayLater Late Fee can be found here.

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