GoPayLater by Findaya

How to activate GoPayLater Cicil

Here are the things you need to know before activating GoPayLater:

  • Prepare your ID (eKTP for Indonesian Citizens) to be uploaded during the applicant process. This step is important to ensure your security when using GoPayLater Cicil.
  • Once the application process is completed, you will have to wait for a maximum of 1x24 hours for the result (approved or rejected). You can check the result on the GoPayLater Cicil homepage.

(example of KYC status on review)

  • If the result is approved, the last step is to sign a loan agreement for GoPayLater Cicil on the Privy page.
  • If the result is rejected, don’t worry because it won’t affect your current GoPayLater.
  • If you HAVE activated GoPayLater before, you will still need to activate GoPayLater Cicil by following the steps in this article: How to activate GoPayLater for new users
  • If you HAVEN’T activated both GoPayLater and GoPayLater Cicil before, by activating GoPayLater Cicil, you will automatically be rewarded access to  GoPayLater.

Now GoPayLater Cicil can be activated via Tokopedia app, but currently is only available for a selected user. Click here for more info.

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