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How to activate GoPayLater Cicil via Tokopedia app

Now you can activate GoPayLater Cicil via Tokopedia app, but it is currently only available for selected users. If you are one of them, you will see GoPayLater Cicil menu to activate.

If you haven’t activated GoPayLater we are sorry that you can’t transact on Tokopedia using GoPayLater Cicil. Please activate GoPayLater first by following the steps in the article “How to activate GoPayLater for new users.”

However you have GoPayLater, please activate your GoPayLater Cicil by following the steps below:

  • Click `Apply Now' on GoPayLater Cicil section. 

  • You will be redirected to sign digital signature.
  • Make sure that you’ve read through the document before you sign it then click ‘Sign Document’.

  • Write down your full name and then click `Sign Document`

  • Input the OTP code that is sent to your phone number. Make sure your phone number is active.

  • Your activation is being processed. Wait for a few moments.

  • Your GoPayLater is now active! You can now use it as a payment method to transact in Tokopedia.

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