GoPayLater by Findaya

How and when to repay my dues

GoPayLater dues can be repayment using GoPay and BCA Virtual Account, please follow these simple steps:

GoPayLater Repayment via GoPay

Make sure your GoPay balance is sufficient to repay your dues. Check How to top up GoPay article if you need to top up your balance first. Then follow the steps below to repay GoPayLater dues:

  1. Go to GoPayLater Homepage.
  2. Tap `Make Repayment`
  3. Enter your GoPay PIN
  4. Your dues are cleared!

GoPayLater repayment via BCA Virtual Account

Follow these simple steps to repay using BCA VA:

  • Make sure you select BCA Virtual Account as the repayment method

  • Select transfer menu > BCA Virtual Account* then copy-paste the generated VA in your mBCA (m-banking) app or enter the Virtual Account shown on the screen at the BCA ATM.

*Virtual Account is only available at 00:00 - 23:15

GoPayLater repayment via Tokopedia app

There are two things you need to know before repayment your GoPayLater Cicil bills via Tokopedia app: 

  1. If you use GoPay, input your GoPay PIN. But if you use Virtual Account, copy and paste the VA number to your mobile banking. 
  2. You can repay your GoPayLater Cicil bills using all payment methods available in Tokopedia, except Credit card and other paylater payment methods.

Then you can follow the steps below:

  • Go to GoPay dashboard in Tokopedia app

  • Click GoPayLater Cicil

  • Click ‘Repay Now’

  • The billing details will be appear, make sure the billing is yours > click “Proceed”

  • Make sure you’ve checked detailed information such as phone number, name, month Installments, amount of bills, then click “Choose Payment” to select the payment method you want to use.

  • Your billing is repaid, yeay!

Is there a minimum payment per month for GoPayLater Cicil?

Yes, you will have the minimum payment/month, Rp 100.000 (if you choose tenure 2 months, there is no minimum payment).

When can I repay my dues?

You can repay your dues anytime before or on the last day of the month (the due date). Make sure you pay on time to avoid Late Fees!

Is there an option for Auto-deduction?

We are sorry, for now, it is unavailable. We might have it soon. Please check your GoPayLater homepage regularly to get updated info.

I can’t repay my GoPayLater dues

Click I can't repay my GoPayLater dues article to check the reasons why you might not be able to repay your dues. You can also report to us from there so we can check further.

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