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How to calculate GoPayLater late fee

Here’s how to calculate:

Your transactions: Rp725.000

GoPayLater Fee: Rp25.000

Overdue days: 15 Days

Grace Period: 5 Days

Late Fees: 10 Days x Rp2.000 = Rp20.000

Your total outstanding dues: Rp770.000

You don't need to worry because we will arrange your late fees, and GoPayLater fees do not exceed the total number of transactions.

For example:

Customer A

Outstanding transactions: Rp30.000

GoPayLater Fee: Rp12.500

Overdue days: 17 Days

Grace Period: 5 Days

Because it cannot exceed the total transaction, you will be charged the maximum total fees of Rp30.000.

So the Maximum late fees: maximum total fees - GoPayLater fee = Rp30.000 - Rp12.500 = Rp17.500.

Once total late fees hit Rp17.500, they will no longer accumulate so the late fees of daily fine that shows can be less than Rp2.000/day.


Customer B

Outstanding transactions: Rp23.000

GoPayLater Fee: Rp25.000 (already exceeds the total transaction)

Overdue days: 15 Days

Grace Period: 5 Days

Late Fees (Actual): 10 Days x Rp2.000 = Rp20.000

Maximum total fees: Rp23.000 (since it should not exceed the total transaction)

Late fees that customer has to pay: Rp0

No late fees will be charged because the GoPayLater fee already exceeds the outstanding transactions.

We hope this information helps you.

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