GoPayLater by Findaya

How to pay with GoPayLater Cicil

It’s super easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to one of our Supported Merchant apps or mobile site to start shopping.
  • Select GoPay upon check out, and it will direct you to the Gojek app.
  • On the Gojek app, select GoPayLater Cicil as your payment option.
  • You will see applicable tenure options which you can pick from based on your repayment comfort.
  • You will see your loan simulation with the monthly installment and interest fee information.
  • Click “Pay now.”
  • Authenticate using your GoPay PIN.

Voila -- Payment complete! Enjoy using GoPayLater Cicil, and remember to make your repayments on time!

Note: For each transaction, you’ll require the minimum payment of Rp300.000.

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