Transfer and request GoPay via chat feature

On Chat feature, you can easily transfer* or request GoPay balance to other Gojek users. Here’s how: 

  • Select 'Chat' on Gojek app homepage

  • Choose your friend’s contact or group, then click (+) on the bottom left of the chat page

  • Choose: - Pay: to transfer GoPay balance - Request: to request GoPay balance

  • Follow the next instructions to finish your transfer or request process

How do I transfer my friend's GoPay balance request?

After receiving a request box from your friend, click 'Pay Now' to transfer GoPay balance. Then, just follow the next instructions to complete the transfer process.

*GoPay balance that has been transferred can't be refunded, so always make sure you have entered the right contact and transfer amount. Also, make sure the receiver's GoPay balance doesn’t exceed the GoPay limit.

Why can’t I transfer my GoPay balance?

Make sure you’ve upgraded your GoPay account to GoPay Plus, because GoPay transfer can only be done by customers who have already upgraded their accounts.

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