About Cash Out Feature

You can use the ‘Cash Out’ feature on Gojek app to perform cardless withdrawal transactions on ATM BCA using your GoPay balance.

Before you use the Cash Out feature, make sure you’ve read the terms of use below:

  • This feature is available for Indonesian citizens who have upgraded GoPay to GoPay Plus using eKTP
  • The administration fee for this feature is Rp5.000
  • The minimum amount to use Cash Out is Rp100.000 and the maximum is Rp1.200.000
  • You don’t need to have BCA Account to use this feature
  • You’ll get the transaction code and customer ID from GoPay to perform cardless withdrawal
  • Your transaction code will be expired after 1 (one) hour
  • Make sure to input the transaction code correctly. You won’t be able to use the code anymore if you enter the wrong number more than three times
  • You can check your receipt on the GoPay History feature on the Gojek app. You won’t get the transaction receipt from the ATM
  • If you want to share the transaction code, make sure you only share it with someone you trust.
  • Never share the Cash Out transaction code to someone you don’t know or any party who claims from Gojek Indonesia.

Now that you’ve read the terms of use of the ‘Cash Out’ feature, you can find out how to use the feature by clicking HERE

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