How to share cash-out transaction code

You will get the cash-out transaction code if you use the 'Cash Out' feature. Always make sure that the code is only used by you or shared with people you trust. For your information, Gojek Indonesia has never asked for any codes, including transaction codes.

By sharing the cash-out transaction code, you are aware that the person who receives the code can cash out your GoPay balance via ATM BCA.
Here's how to share the cash-out transaction code:

  • Choose the Share Icon on the transaction code and customer ID page
  • Choose the channel you want to use to share the code

I didn't receive the cash-out transaction code. What do I need to do?

If you failed to receive a transaction code when you want to make GoPay cash out via an ATM, make sure of these followings:

  • You have a stable internet connection
  • You are already using the latest version of the Gojek app
  • Try to log out of your Gojek account first and log back in

If you have confirmed the things above and have waited for 10 minutes but have not received the transaction code, the transaction will automatically fail. So, you can try to request the transaction code again.

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