GoPay transfer to Virtual Account (VA)

Besides transfer to personal bank account numbers, now you can also send GoPay balances to Virtual Account (VA) numbers.

The following are VA numbers* that currently can be processed by GoPay:


  • OVO: Nobu VA, BNI VA 
  • LinkAja: LinkAja/TCASH VA
  • DANA: BRI VA, BNI VA, Mandiri VA, CIMB VA, Permata VA, BTPN VA
  • ShopeePay: Mandiri VA


  • Tokopedia: Mandiri VA, BRI VA, Danamon VA, CIMB VA
  • Shopee: BNI VA 
  • Bukalapak: Danamon VA, Permata VA, BRI VA

*) VA numbers can be seen on the platforms of each Business Partner.

Visit the following article to find out how to transfer GoPay balances to bank account and VA account numbers: How to transfer to bank.


Transactions will not be successful if you send your GoPay balance to a VA number other than those listed above. We will continue to strive to expand our services.

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