How to use GoPay for Gojek services

You can use GoPay for your transaction in the Gojek app such as GoRide, GoCar, GoBluebird, GoFood, GoShop, GoSend, GoBox, GoPulsa, GoTagihan, GoTix, GoMassage, GoClean, and GoMart.Here’s how: 

  1. Choose the Gojek service in the main menu. Example: Click GoRide to order a bike
  2. media
  3. Enter your destination and pick up location, then select GoPay as the payment method
  4. The fare of your trip will show up, and click 'Order' to continue the booking 

Please make you sure you have enough GoPay balance before you choose GoPay as your payment method. If your GoPay balance isn’t sufficient, click here to see how to top up your GoPay balance. 

For GoFood and GoShop services, you can also pay your transaction using a combination of GoPay and cash. Click here to see more information about payment combination.

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