How to buy GoFood Plus subscription

GoFood Plus is a non-voucher GoFood subscription package that you can buy to get a discount for a certain period. 

No need to click ‘Use’ or redeem a voucher code, because your total GoFood payment will automatically be deducted according to the package you bought.

Here is how to buy a GoFood Plus subscription package:

1. First of all:

  • Find the GoFood Plus section on the GoFood main page

  • Choose ‘Subscriptions’ on the ‘Promo’ page



  • Click GoFood Plus offer that appears on the GoFood payment page

2. Choose the package that you want

3. Read the package description and terms and conditions because once purchased, the package cannot be canceled or refunded. Next, click 'Buy'

Done! You have successfully purchased the GoFood Plus package and will get a discount when placing an order for GoFood during the package's validity period.

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