GoClub member levels

There are 4 (four) levels in GoClub as follows:

(Level 1) Warga → (Level 2) Bos → (Level 3) Juragan → (Level 4) Anak Sultan

Once you join GoClub, you will start from the lowest level, which is the Warga level. Then you can level up, maintain your level, or even get downgraded.

To level up, you need to collect a certain amount of XP. Read more about how to level up here.

On the contrary, your level may get downgraded if you can’t reach a certain amount of XP within 6 (six) months after your reach a new level. Read more about level downgrade reasons here.

Rewards for each level members

As a GoClub member, you will get various benefits which are known as rewards. The higher your level, the more rewards you will get

Transact more on Gojek app to reach a higher level and enjoy more rewards. Please also keep in mind that the rewards you get will be adjusted when you get downgraded.

Read more about rewards here.

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