GoClub Treasure

Treasures are surprise gifts that you can get when you reach a certain touchpoint along your GoClub journey, where you have the opportunity to choose 1 (one) from 3 (three) gift vouchers offered.

What is the difference between Rewards and Treasures?

Unlike rewards which are benefits that you will definitely get as a GoClub member based on your level and have been informed from the start, you will never know when you will find Treasures and what gift vouchers that you may get. 

You will be notified when you are close to finding the Treasure and can only unlock it after you reach a certain XP milestone.

How to claim a Treasure

1. Click the Treasures banner on the GoClub homepage (the banner will only be shown when you reach a certain XP milestone)

2. Select vouchers offered

3. Click ‘Choose’ to claim the voucher

You can see the vouchers that you have claimed on the:

  • ‘Treasure Chest’ by clicking the ‘See all’ button on GoClub main page
  • ‘Voucher’ page on Promos menu

4. Click Use to use the voucher.


  • You have 2 (two) weeks to claim the gift voucher. The Treasure’s validity period can also be seen on the banner.
  • The types and details of gift vouchers offered can be different for each member and for each treasure

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