How to join GoClub

Follow these steps to become a GoClub member:

  1. Access the GoClub menu from the ‘Other services’ menu in the homepage, ‘Promos’ page, or ‘Profile’ page

(GoClub menu on the ‘Other services’ menu in the homepage)

(GoClub menu in the ‘Promos’ page)

(GoClub menu in the ‘Profile’ page)


The GoClub menu and communications about GoClub can only be seen by eligible users who use Gojek app v4.12 or later and meet the criteria to be a GoClub member.

If you can't find the GoClub menu in your app, find out about the possible reasons here.

2. Click ‘Join for free’

3. You have become a GoClub member! Easy, right?

Then, what should I do next?

You will start from the lowest level (Warga) and can start collecting more XP by making transactions on the Gojek app to level up and get more rewards. You can also get surprise gifts known as Treasure along your GoClub journey.

  • Read more about XP here
  • Read more about GoClub level here
  • Read more about reward and Treasure here

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