What is XP?

XP’, short for Experience Points, are the points that will be given to GoClub members every time you finish eligible transactions on the Gojek app. Click here to find out from which services you can get it. 

(Example of information about the amount of XP earned by GoClub members after finishing an order/transaction)

XP is used as an indicator to determine your level as a GoClub member and the rewards you will get based on your level. XP cannot be exchanged for other monetary or non-monetary benefits.

Collect more XP to reach a higher level and get more rewards. You can see the total XP that you have earned on the GoClub main page.

Please note that as per GoClub regulations, level evaluation will be done every 6 (six) months from the time you first reach a new level and your total XP earned will be reset to the starting point of that level. Read more about it here.

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