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Phone Number Masking feature

To secure your personal data, Gojek introduces Phone Number Masking feature that will gradually be available for all customers on GoRide, GoCar, GoCar L, and GoFood services.

With this feature, when you communicate with the driver during your order via phone call, both your number and driver will be hidden and there will be a masked number shown. Your number and driver number will be masked with a random number such as “+6221-xxxxx”, “++6221-xxxxx”, or +62855-xxxxxx.

Here’s how the feature works:

  • Order GoRide, GoCar, GoCar L, or GoFood service on Gojek app
  • Use the phone number that is registered on your Gojek account to call the driver
  • Call the driver directly on Gojek app by clicking the ‘Call’ button
  • If you want to call the driver with another number that is not registered on your Gojek account, you need to insert the new number in this page by clicking ‘Change’ first. 



  • When the order is completed, you can’t call the driver anymore with the previous number

Please remember:

  • Make sure you contact the driver using ONLY the ‘Call’ button on Gojek app
  • The masked number is only valid during the trip, after the order is completed you can’t contact the driver with the number you used before
  • If you want to call using a number that isn’t registered on your Gojek account, use the ‘Change’ option when you want to call the driver
  • This feature will be gradually available for all Gojek users

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