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Harder to leave.

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We stand tall on our 10 values

Collaborate with compassion

  • Be a pleasure to work with
  • Support others in areas beyond your scope
  • Consider how your actions affect others

Criticism is a gift

  • Actively seek feedback
  • Proactively give helpful feedback
  • Genuinely act upon feedback given

Be fast and fearless

  • Take calculated risk
  • Value failure as much as success
  • Have a strong sense of urgency

Stand up for what you believe in

  • Say what you mean
  • Have the courage to disagree
  • Have a strong moral compass

Earn your title

  • Walk the talk
  • Get down in the trenches
  • Trust your team

Become a scientist

  • Follows the numbers intensively
  • Finds solutions in unexpected places
  • Learns independently and shares knowledge

Always be prepared

  • Do your homework
  • Plan out every scenario
  • Take actions to reduce risk

It’s not about you

  • Put company before self
  • Be obsessed about customer problems
  • Have a purpose beyond personal success

Communicate with purpose

  • State objectives in every interaction
  • Align early and consistently
  • Focus on what is actionable

Shoot for greatness

  • Go the extra mile
  • Think big
  • Love challenges
Gojek Indonesia

Perks of being in good company

Parental insurance

Subsidised health support for your parents.

We share the bill

Health, fitness,mobile, internet, and more.

Gojek Indonesia

We talk about mental health

Free counselling for employees & families.

Gojek Indonesia

Refer & earn

Picking someone’s brain is always a bonus.

Gojek Indonesia

Your work, your time

We don’t ask whether you’re coming or going.

Gojek Indonesia

Fly for work & fun

Explore new offices, different cultures, and a thousand islands!

Gojek Indonesia

Health insurance

Life, surgery, dental, inpatient, outpatient and more.

Gojek Indonesia

Community learning

Industry-wide meetups, events and conferences.

Gojek Indonesia

Gamers’ got a life

We’ve got you playrooms with arcade games.

Gojek Indonesia

200-seater amphitheatre

For meetups, movies and madness.

Gojek Indonesia

Clubs for all

Football, Badminton, Boxing, Yoga, Zumba, and more.

Gojek Indonesia

Unity in diversity

Work with superstars from over 30 nationalities.

Gojek Indonesia

Learning & development

Free courses on Coursera, and in-house mentorship.

Gojek Indonesia

Sleeping room

When in doubt, take a nap. Late hours? Stay over.

Gojek Indonesia

GoPay credits

Coz our growth is credited to you.


When 12 engineers managed 1 million drivers.

Back in 2015, Gojek’s first-ever engineering team realised their potential, and impact.

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Gojek Indonesia

Rebranding Gojek, in-house!

12 months, a hundred iterations, a company-wide overnight makeover, and The Gojek Brand Book. All of it, in-house!

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Gojek Indonesia

How Kafka solved a cultural problem

Every engineer’s playground, Kafka fixed a critical cultural problem for Gojek. Find out how.

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Gojek Indonesia

We’re driven by stories

I want to see my design changing the world. And this was a step closer.

- Fatema, Product Designer

It’s a really safe space for employees to practise public speaking, internally.

- Dian, SVP Product Management

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