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Get Ready to Get Spooked on GoPlay’s Spooktober Fest 2021!

Get Ready to Get Spooked on GoPlay’s Spooktober Fest 2021!
GoPlay / 26 Oct 2021

Halloween is just around the corner! What costume do you want to wear this year? Even though in Indonesia we don't really go trick or treating, we can still celebrate Halloween with various exciting events, one of which is through a special treat from GoPlay, which is Spooktober Fest 2021!

At this event, there are a number of fun Halloween events ranging from horror stories, costume parties, games with prizes, and much more. Guaranteed you won’t get bored during the week leading up to Halloween because from 25-31 October 2021, there will be various exciting events and prizes ready to accompany you!

Here are some programs at Spooktober Fest 2021 that you can enjoy:

Social Media Quiz

Call for you masters of flirtings! This is your chance to win GoPay worth Rp1.5 million just by showing your flirting skills. Leave your unique pick-up lines in the GoPlay quiz post comments section. Stay tuned for the winner announcement on October 31 at The Playground: Spooktober Fest!

Virtual Gift Edisi Halloween

Want to send virtual gifts to your favorite creators? To make it even more special, send them Halloween edition virtual gifts! There is a lot of fun and cute virtual gifts, from the Spooktober Fest logo, Ghost, Dancing Mummy, Jack O Lantern, and others. So everything is in sync with the Halloween theme! Collect as many Tokens as you can to send as many gifts to your idols.


Experience horror stories first-hand on Demyth! In this event, the host will be hosting the show live from the haunted locations. So during the streaming, you’ll feel like you’re there yourself.

What’s even more interesting, the places discussed in Demyth are places in Japan that are indeed famous for their horror stories such as Old Iwabuchi Water Gate, Haunted House at Fuji Q, Old Tomine Tunnel, and Toyama Park. Curious to explore each place directly? Stream Demyth every Thursday at 21.00!

Horror Stories Club

Do you like listening to horror stories? This program is a must-watch! Frislly Herlind the indigo child as the host will bring various stories about her horrific experiences. Frislly has a 'special' ability, which is being able to see spirits, astral projection, and see the unseen world from photos.

If you have a mystical experience, you can also send your horror story to be read at the Horror Stories Club or send your photo for Frissly to read. This show will definitely satisfy your desire for spine-chilling stories. Stream Horror Stories Club every Wednesday at 19.30!

Other Special Programs

In addition to the 2 series above, other programs also have special Halloween edition episodes! There’s Halloween party with the Thungs, a discussion about special Halloween food on GoFoodin Aja, chats about unique Halloween costumes at Unboxing Time, to Halloween games at Geemu O Shimasu. There’s always Halloween content to watch, from the fun ones to the ones that give you goosebumps!

The Playground

It’s not a real party without a matching theme set. At The Playground, there will be a special Halloween set where you can watch various performances such as musical performances from Josh Sitompul, Jane Glory & Reno Castello, to DJ WeMet. There is also a Professional Story that discusses the rainhandler profession, and a trivia quiz with a total prize of Rp2 million! So not only do you get to have fun with all the programs and cool performances, you’re also actually able to win treats from GoPlay at Spooktober Fest 2021!

We can't wait to celebrate Halloween with you guys. See you at Spooktober Fest 2021!