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Join GoPlay Esport Series 2021 Tournament Now and Win Up To Rp 30 Million!

Join GoPlay Esport Series 2021 Tournament Now and Win Up To Rp 30 Million!
GoPlay / 12 Aug 2021

A fan of PUBG Mobile, Valorant, or Mobile Legends? Then this is your time to shine! Show off your skills by registering your team and join the GoPlay Esport series 2021!

GoPlay Esport Series is GoPlay’s collaborative e-sport event with ESPL (Esport Player League) sponsored by Good Day Coffee and supported by Telkomsel. There are 3 tournament games: PUBG Mobile, Valorant, and Mobile Legends. From each tournament, there will be dozens of teams competing for a total prize of Rp10 million.

The qualifying round, semi-finals, to the Grand Final of each match will be broadcasted live on GoPlay. In addition to the cash prizes, you’ll also have the opportunity to win an E-sport Academy scholarship and a GoPlay Live program contract! Exciting, right?

So, for all of you out there who often play with your friends, test your skills and luck now! Register your team and join the competition. Unleash your potential and who knows, you might have what it takes to be a pro player. Check out the rundown details of the tournaments:

ESPL Tournaments Rundown:

PUBG Mobile:

  • Registration: 12-24 August 2021
  • Technical meeting: 25 August 2021
  • Kick off & Qualification Round: 26 August 2021
  • Semi Final (Live stream on GoPlay): 27 August 2021
  • Grand Final (Live stream on GoPlay: 28 August 2021


  • Registration: 19 August - 31 September 2021
  • Technical meeting: 1 September 2021
  • Kick off & Qualification Round: 2 September 2021
  • Semi Final (Live stream on GoPlay): 3 September 2021
  • Grand Final (Live stream on Go Play): 4 September 2021

Mobile Legends:

  • Registrasi: 26 August 2021 - 7 September 2021
  • Technical meeting: 8 September 2021
  • Kick off & Qualification Round: 9 September 2021
  • Semi Final (Live stream on GoPlay): 10 September 2021
  • Grand Final (Live stream on Go Play): 11 September 2021

GoPlay Esport Series 2021 Winner Prize

  • 1st place: Rp6.000.000 + Rp 6.000.000 (esport academy scholarship for 1 team) + GoPlay livestream program contract.
  • 2nd place: Rp 3.000.000 + GoPlay livestream program contract.
  • 3rd place: Rp 1.000.000 + GoPlay livestream program contract.

What are the requirements and how do I register? Check out more info below!

GoPlay Esport Series 2021 Participant Requirements

  1. Each participant must have an account on the website espl.gg
  2. Each participant must follow @goplay.indonesia and @espl.indonesia on Instagram (attach screenshot during the registration process)
  3. Each participant must download and login to the GoPlay app (attach a screenshot of the GoPlay account during the registration process)
  4. Number of team members for each game title:
    • PUBG Mobile: 4 team members
    • Valorant: 5 team members
    • Mobile Legends: 5 team members
  5. Each team representative is required to attend a technical meeting via Zoom at a time determined by the organizer.

How to Register for GoPlay Esport Series 2021

  1. Each prospective participant log in/sign up on the website https://espl.gg/
  2. Once a team member has an account on the ESPL website, the team representative can create a team on the ESPL website. Here's how:
    • Click the ESPL account menu at the top of the website page
    • Select the Teams menu
    • Click the CREATE A TEAM button
    • Enter team data and details according to the game title you want to register, then click CREATE TEAM button
  3. After the team account is created, a team representative can invite team members by giving the team name to the other team members.
  4. If the team has been formed, the team representative can register their team in the tournament they want to follow (PUBG Mobile/Valorant/Mobile Legends) according to the registration period of each game.
  5. After the team is successfully registered, the ESPL team will send an email notification along with requirements information that must be completed by team participants. Requirements can be sent by replying to the notification email or via Whatsapp (+62 812-8000-5825)
  6. The ESPL team will verify the required documents submitted by each team.

For questions regarding the GoPlay Esport Series 2021 registration, participants can contact Whatsapp admin (+62 812-8000-5825)

Ready to prove your skills? Click the button below to register your team!