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How to Follow the GoPay Mission on the Gojek Application

How to Follow the GoPay Mission on the Gojek Application
GoPay / 15 Dec 2019

What’s on your mind when you hear something about “prize hunting”? If you think of food, that means you're hungry. But if you think about a treasure chest containing massive prizes, that means you are ready to join our GoPay Mission directly from your Gojek app!

How to Follow the GoPay Mission:

  1. Open your Gojek app and select “MORE”.
  2. Choose “MISSION”.
  3. You can choose any mission you want. If your mission(s) doesn't exist yet, that means your mission is being prepared.
  4. If you have chosen a mission. You can follow the challenges until get the prize.
  5. Select “order”, “top-up”, or “pay” depending on your mission. And voila you are ready to start

There are two ways to join GoPay Mission:

1. Special Mission

This mission is only for you, and you must complete it yourself to get a variety of prizes. This is how it works:

  1. Not all users are eligible for the missions. Users who are privileged to get the missions will be chosen based on their transaction history made with Gojek app. The more frequent, the greater the opportunity you get the missions.
  2. Each one of you will get different missions.
  3. You must complete several missions to get the prize.
  4. Missions must be carried out within a certain period of time.
  5. Every transaction on every mission usually has a minimum value of the transaction (varies on each promo).

2. Group Mission

If it's a group mission, then you never walk alone! You should invite someone to be your partner in finishing the mission. To get the prize you can be a Mission Donor or Mission Recipient. Are you excited yet? This is how you play.

Mission Donor:

  1. The Donor of the Mission will be chosen based on the transaction history made on the app. The more frequent you use Gojek services, the greater the opportunity you have.
  2. Each Mission Donor will get a different Mission.
  3. Mission Donor must invite one or more partners who have never used Gojek app or have never done any GoPay transaction. You can invite more people to join the Mission simply by clicking the Group Mission card that you can get through notifications or on the front page of your Gojek app.
  4. The Mission Donor will get a prize after the Mission Recipients completed the given mission.

Mission Recipients:

  1. Mission Recipients will get the mission invitation from the Mission Donor. The mission obtained will appear as a link. (see the picture below)
  2. Mission Recipients will check the mission from their GoPay menu on their Gojek app.
  3. Mission Recipients will receive a prize if they have completed the mission given by the Mission Donor.

The challenges of your GoPay Missions are varied and they are certainly exciting and entertaining. The challenges range from completing certain transactions at GoPay business partners or finishing other challenges related to Gojek's features and services. If you are persistent ones and you can complete the Missions, you are eligible to get GoPay balance, cashback vouchers, discounts, and other attractive prizes.

Prize hunting has never been this exciting, right? In these missions, you are not just alone! Invite your friends and get prizes! Who knows you are the lucky ones to join the missions!

For more information, please contact GoPay Customer Service via email to cs@go-pay.co.id. Also read the general terms of the GoPay promo here.

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