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Get 3 Benefits for Verifying Your Gojek Email Address!

Get 3 Benefits for Verifying Your Gojek Email Address!
Gojek / 21 Jan 2021

Hi Gojekers,

Do you know if in some cases, you cannot recover your account without a verified email address? With that in mind, verifying your email address on the Gojek app can do wonders to secure your account. That and many advantages after it. Don't believe it? First, check the benefits that you can get after verifying your email on the Gojek application.

Easy account recovery, even when phone number changes 

By verifying your email address, you are guaranteed an easy Gojek account recovery. For example, if you change your mobile phone number, you don't have to worry about losing your Gojek account as you have secured it with email verification.

Get detailed transportation service bills and payments

The next advantage of e-mail address verification is that you can get all the details of the Gojek service bill that you are using. Starting from GoRide, GoCar service, to GoBills receipts, you can get complete order details from the emails which are sent to you after you finish using the service. All your expenses are recorded without missing a single word!

Get the latest news

You can get the latest news about Gojek, the best price offers, and discounts even without accessing the app. We are sending you all the good kinds of stuff like best price offers and discounts promo on a regular basis to your email. So you don’t have to miss our best offers and promos.

To get all the benefits above, make sure you have verified your email in the Gojek application. Haven’t verified yours yet? Click the button below to verify your email address!