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Safe and easy, now you can change payment method while on trip

Safe and easy, now you can change payment method while on trip
Gojek / 5 Mar 2021

Travelling outside of the house is not always an easy matter for some people. Especially when leaving the house at the most troublesome time. Can you imagine having to multitask: checking for items so you won’t forget bringing essential items, picking up the phone to make an appointment, and booking your GoCar at the same time! Just when the hassle is going tense, you realize that you have chosen the wrong payment method as your GoCar has already departed to your place. Triple uh-ohs! Relax~ you don’t need to cancel the order as Gojek now has a Change Payment Method feature!

With our Change Payment Method feature, you can change your payment method in a blink even when you’re on a trip. As you try our Change Payment feature, you can easily turn our cash payment method to our available cashless payment options such as GoPay, Link Aja, CC/DC, or PayLater.

Important note: this Change Payment Method feature can be used only once. Also, this feature can only be used on GoRide and GoCar services.

How to Use our Change Payment Method Feature:

  • Click the payment icon on the order page
  • Choose what payment method you want
  • Click "Confirm"

And you’re done! No need to worry about changing your payment method when you order GoCar / GoRide. Try this change payment feature?